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The almost ideal low-cost smartwatch is the KOSPET TANK T2

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The smartwatch market is now highly cutthroat. Numerous brands are attempting to have an impact on smartwatches and smart bands in various ways, in addition to those produced by major companies like Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi. And the KOSPET TANK T2, the smartwatch I want to introduce today, is a quality timepiece. The pricing is appropriate despite the fact that it offers neither notable advantages nor disadvantages. Follow For More Updates at

You will receive a box similar to this if you purchase TANK T2. The smartwatch opens in a really attractive fashion and turning the top displays all the selling factors as well as the key accessories of the device. Under the strap and charger, you’ll find a handbook and tempered glass. Despite the screen glass’s ability to withstand extreme conditions without shattering, this layer will stop sand from scratching the screen.

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At first appearance, the TANK T2 has a very outdoor vibe. It has great protection thanks to the 9H Dual Glass Cover and an all-metal body. It essentially has all the protection certifications you can think of, including 5ATM, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810H. This one has two orange buttons and the default dial, and it is black with frosted edges.

With minimal bumps, the ABS back cover is easy to wear. The accompanying silicone strap is the ideal material for the majority of sports or outdoor watches. It doesn’t absorb water, so even if you don’t wash it for a while, it won’t easily get dirty or break, and it doesn’t smell. The TANK T2’s general design still fulfils my standards for a $100 outdoor smartwatch and is extremely attractive overall.

How to Use & Operate

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The TANK T2 system is still quite straightforward. You can practically find out how everything works by using it; you don’t need a handbook. The functions of the watch’s two buttons, which are the only ones it possesses, are inscribed right on the frame. The top button, which controls back, lock screen, and power on, is actually the phone’s counterpart of the power button. Naturally, you can also use it as a pause or start timer. It does resemble a professional Stopwatch in the hand when there isn’t a watch strap attached.

And the button down below was created specifically for sports. Press to choose from 70 different sports modes. Even if I want to swipe to the bottom, it takes a long time because there are so many modes, which cover the majority of activities both indoors and outside.

The almost ideal low-cost smartwatch is the KOSPET TANK T2

You do occasionally forget to activate the sports mode, right? The TANK T2 allows for the intelligent recognition and reminder of six different activities, including rowing, cycling, elliptical training, walking, and running. Without manually entering Sports Modes, the system can detect the current sporting situation.


You do not need to be concerned about the TANK T2 battery life; according to the manufacturer, even heavy use can extend the battery life to more than a week. The battery life is actually pretty lengthy; I’ve been using it for a week. The watch would only use 3% extra power if I wore it while I slept. It should last two weeks if I disable some detection features. The supplied special charger is the only way to charge it, and the lack of wireless charging is one of its few regrets.

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