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TelevisaUnivision has announced a new slate of shows for its ViX+ platform

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A recent spate of firsts includes “Las Vocales” (The Vocals), “Atrapadas en Familia” (Trapped in a Family), “Quieres ser mi hijo?” (Do You Want to Be My Son?), “Promesas y Milagros” (Promises and Miracles), “Exorcismos” (Exorcisms), “La noche del diablito” (The Night of the Little Devil) and “La Sangre y la Gloria” (Blood and Glory). Televisa is a famous Mexican company that broadcasts the most prominent TV shows in Spanish

TelevisaUnivision has requested seven new undertakings, including the Gabriela de la Garza-featuring “Las Vocales,” to make a big appearance on its paid premium decoration ViX+ in the not so distant future, Variety has advanced solely. Follow for more information.

These titles start creation in May and are set to debut on Vix+. The forthcoming paid level of the ViX stage, not long from now. TelevisaUnivision started producing content in 1965 and since then, it has been expanding its business activities to other areas such as television, movies, and more. The production of TV shows includes soap operas, talk shows, news programs, and sports events such as the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games.

Here are the portrayals for every one of the recently requested projects:

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Las Vocales (The Vocals, working title) – (Movie/Comedy). After a single parent figures out how to get her child acknowledged into perhaps the best school in the country, she experiences a gathering of wonderful moms. Who are devoted to making the newbie’s lives incomprehensible. Ability:TelevisaUnivision, Gabriela de la Garza (Cantinflas, Solteras, El fantástico Mundo de Juan Orol). Ruy Gaytán (Mi marido tiene más familia, Soltero con hijas) and Sofía Espinoza (Gloria, La niña de piedra).

Atrapadas en Familia (Our Family Marriage, working title) – (Movie/Comedy). Sofía and Carolina have chosen to attach the knot,but when they accumulate their families to let them know the intriguing news. They before long find there are profound splits between the two them and are left puzzling over whether getting hitched is the ideal choice. Ability: Ana Sofía Gatica (Sexo, pudor y lágrimas 2). Diana Bovio (Mirreyes contra Godínez, Solteras), Montserrat Marañón (La mexicana y el güero, María de tasks los Ángeles), Pierre Louis (Chilangolandia, Él Hubiera si existe).

Quieres ser mi hijo? (Would You Like to Be My Son?) – (Movie/Romantic Comedy). Forty-something year old Lucía, following a long term relationship reaches a conclusion, begins once again in the gig of her fantasies, To land the position. She where she really wants to lie. Yet lovely soon her twofold life forcers. Her to encounter something startling, making her inquiry what she truly needs throughout everyday life.


Promesas y Milagros (Promises and Miracles) – (Docuseries). Guarantees and Miracles is a docu-series investigating the guarantees made to insignificant creatures when a marvel is allowed through their mediation.

Exorcismos (Exorcisms) – (Docuseries). Through meetings and amusements, the series will follow individuals from all beliefs. Who have gone head to head against harmful creatures through expulsions and the people. Who are on the cutting edges of the fight among great and malevolence.

La Sangre y la Gloria (Blood and Glory) – (Docuseries). This series will narrative the existences of star competitors who rose to popularity in any case wound up the casualties of a savage wrongdoing. The conditions that eventually prompted the lamentable result, by plunging into the

La noche del diablito (The Night of the Little Devil) – (Unscripted). Series has head out around the city to impart the way of life of Mexico to their visitors and find out about existence, connections, and sex – explicitly. The way in which individuals interface with one another.

Assortment talked with Rodrigo Mazon, leader VP and head supervisor of ViX+, about these newly requested streaming titles and TelevisaUnivision’s in general SVOD plans, including content system and speculation. As well as the normal cost and day for kickoff for Vix+.

Do you have a price tag set for ViX+ yet, and an authority day for kickoff past final part of 2022?

We will report our cost and official day for kickoff soon. ViX+ will have a very long time of select substance, live games, live news, and a local imaginative item. That will be presented at a superb cost when we send off in the final part of 2022.

Among these seven new unique titles going into creation in May, are any of them arranged as send off titles for ViX+?

We’re setting explicit days for kickoff for each title. These seven titles will debut inside the principal semester of send off, the final part of this current year. Also, the more than 50 unique creations that we have declared will debut on ViX+ in the principal year of the help. Right now, we have in excess of 25 undertakings being developed. Thirteen of them are in pre-creation and nine are underway, notwithstanding four others previously going through after creation. Along these lines, there are many unique series and movies coming that we’re dealing with this moment.

How are you choosing what shows are best for the free ViX level, and what is viewed as a “ViX+” brand title? What do you see as the contrast between the two? In addition to our unlimited access to live TV, a large portion of our programming comes from our TelevisaUnivision libraries. With this option, you’ll be able to search out and watch previously aired content on our AVOD level.

We know our crowds very well across Latin America and the U.S. for the U.S. Hispanic market. This empowers us to program in-culture and in-language and deal separated items from what you see across other real time features.

We understand what our listeners might be thinking across the district is extremely keen on a free contribution. With a lovely promotion upheld experience, and that is the thing we offer on our AVOD level, ViX. We have north of 100 streaming channels, over 40,000 hours of on-request happy and live news and sports. It’s an exceptionally profound and wide contribution of the best Spanish-language content. A significant number of that comes from our TelevisaUnivision libraries, restrictive to the help. So you’ll simply have the option to track down it on our AVOD level.

For TelevisaUnivision ViX+, our superior membership based assistance (SVOD), we are putting countless dollars into selective gained content from around the world. What we accept to be the most incredible in Spanish language across all sorts and configurations. So we’ll have films, narratives, docuseries, dramatization series, telenovelas, basically every arrangement. Then we will be cutting across each sort since we realize this assistance should extensively interest every one. The various preferences, identities, and socioeconomics across our district. From comedies and romcoms to spine chillers, cleansers, dramas, awfulness, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, notwithstanding acquisitions.

A significant number of that comes from our TelevisaUnivision libraries, so you’ll simply have the option to track them down on our AVOD level.

We are putting a huge spending plan into creating our own personal substance with ViX+ Originals. Also, that is the more than 50 firsts that we’ve referenced previously. We additionally believe that record should be extremely different in classification and arrangement, broadly, and so forth. Thus, we’re putting vigorously in having a broad determination of the top tier Spanish-language content out there.

What amount does ViX plan to spend on happy in its most memorable year?

Throughout the following couple of years, we have committed billions of dollars to put resources into Spanish language content, once more, both through acquisitions and unique substance. It is an exceptionally solid financial plan. Adequate to permit us to make this really a gradual proposing to our conventional fruitful direct business. What’s more, that is the thing it will be. Our CEO has said this isn’t some extra however genuinely is a steady proposing to every one of the mind boggling direct happy that. We will keep creating for the straight organizations. There are more than 600 million

Spanish speakers around the world, and at this point, just a negligible portion of the substance that. The ongoing worldwide decorations offer is initially created in Spanish. Our desire and yearning is to engage every one of them. For that, we must be exceptionally forceful as far as the assets that. We’re committing and the quality and creation esteems that we need to place into every one of these movies, series, narratives, and each and every configuration out there.

What do you suppose the right equilibrium between procured content and firsts is for both ViX and ViX+?

We are finding the right equilibrium, assembling this to a great extent on the backs of many years of unimaginable inheritance content from the Televisa library. Fostering the best Spanish language content for very nearly 50 years. And afterward interesting to all of the Spanish-talking crowd with new unique substance. We accept that we must be adaptable and various in our contributions to do that. Whether we obtain and permit content, produce it, or coproduce it. We’re available to getting to this substance in any capacity whatsoever for however long. It is top tier and offers our endorsers a separated encounter.

What do you suppose the greatest benefit is for ViX+ coming into a packed market of SVOD choices?

We enjoy a few benefits. The times of Televisa as the main Spanish-language maker around the world give us the validity, history, and IP to get into this business. Another extraordinarily extraordinary benefit is that we are really a Hispanic organization; we’re legitimately a Spanish-language organization. That permits us to grasp our crowds, our AVOD clients, our SVOD supporters, and in the most one of a kind somewhere far out.TelevisaUnivision, We will address them truly in culture since we know them the best.

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We are them. That really separates us. We’re making an effort not to be everything with regards to a worldwide decoration; we are situating ourselves as the main Spanish-language worldwide decoration. We enjoy a special benefit when you set up those two, or more the gradual assets that. We will profit from and that our financial backers have focused on and have become involved with this vision. We additionally have a chance to join forces with the best makers and make the absolute most engaging top tier Spanish language content.

In view of that set of experiences and in light of the validness, another of the benefits is our capacity to associate with the Spanish-language. Latin American, and Hispanic substance innovative local area. We have a special capacity to make their thoughts and their dreams a reality concerning TV or film. Also, due to what our identity is, we are situated to construct interesting associations. With them that no other individual would be able. We’re wagering enthusiastic about our capacity to draw in the top ability, and we’ve proactively begun interesting to them. Whether through first-look manages Eugenio Derbez, Salma Hayek’s Ventanarosa, Maria Dueñas, and others is a demonstration of their confidence in.

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