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Susi, a newborn activist and writer, passed away from cancer

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We announce the loss of well-known author and activist Susi Newborn with heavy hearts. Renowned for her ceaseless endeavors in environmental advocacy and her poignant creative creations, Newborn has profoundly impacted numerous lives.

Who was Susi?

Susi Newborn was born and raised in the United Kingdom, where her commitment to environmental conservation and justice was evident from a young age. She was instrumental in the founding of Greenpeace UK and later founded Sea Shepherd New Zealand, where she relentlessly battled against the exploitation of marine life, including whaling.

Newborn was not only a vocal activist but also a talented writer. Her story of her adventures on the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior and her continued battle for environmental conservation may be found in her book “A Bonfire in my Mouth: Life, Passion and the Rainbow Warrior.”

How did author and activist Susi Newborn pass away?

Susi Newborn was a well-known author, activist, and co-founder of Greenpeace UK and Greenpeace International. She courageously battled cancer before passing away. Her passing on December 31, 2023, marked a great loss for the environmental activist community. Susi fought tirelessly till the very end to protect the environment despite her illness. Also Read: Head-on Crash on the Byron Highway: One Dead and Two Hurt

International tributes honoring Newborn’s life and contributions have been pouring in. Social media channels have been utilized by admirers, writers, and other activists to share their memories and express their sorrow over this remarkable woman.

Susi Newborn is still an inspiration, even after her passing. Her life narrative serves as a ray of hope for all of us, showing us the impact that one person can have when they are motivated by passion and purpose. We commemorate her remarkable life and hope that it may inspire more people to take action in response to environmental issues, even as we grieve her departure.

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