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Sundance Oliver: Who Is She? After fatal shootings in Brooklyn and Manhattan, a serial shooting suspect from New York City surrenders

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The New York Police Department is presently searching for a suspect in three shootings that occurred on Monday following a recent spate of violent shooting incidents in New York City. Police have identified the suspect as Sundance Oliver, and many officers are on the lookout for the 21-year-old. Yesterday, he shot three people, leaving two of them critically injured and needing quick medical attention at the closest hospital. Follow For More Updates at

Who Is Sundance Oliver?

He then attempted to shoot a 96-year-old man using a wheelchair. He shot his leg, but he is currently recovering nicely in the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. It took place close to the Brooklyn bus stop. Sundance Oliver shot a 21-year-old male many times in his vital organs in another incident that took place outside Saint James Place at around three in the evening. You can reach the New York Police Department through emergency calls or by providing information on their website if you know anything about him.

Fatal shootings in Manhattan and Brooklyn

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It is very unfortunate that Sundance Oliver was able to do it three times in three hours, that he was seen as a potential threat to the public, and that he attempted to murder a friend and coworker. The first incident occurred at around nine in the morning and involved an attempted robbery outside of New York City Hall in Crown Heights, close to Avenue. The suspect was a throbbing 39-year-old woman who was being tried for her phone and jacket when he shot her and fled.

Sundance Oliver, a suspect in several NYC shootings, surrenders

He wore a green pullover and blue jeans when last seen. We’re hoping the police can apprehend him. Although there isn’t much information online about him, police are attempting to put an end to his terror. He does have a criminal history and has been involved in a number of robberies throughout his career. People are extremely disappointed that America has completely failed in its efforts to stop gun violence, as shootings have continued throughout the year.  For the latest news, follow us on Google News

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The president frequently discusses this issue while doing nothing to stop murders. The youth are greatly impacted by references and are choosing only the wrong paths that could damage their lives. Weapon sales are keep continuing. The situation is becoming more challenging and there are a lot of jokes and humorous videos trending on the Internet. Keep checking our website for more updates as we return with more information.

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