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Steve and Wendy Hawkins: Who Are They? How did the couple Die?

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Uncountable reactions have been making headlines on the internet ever since the news broke as soon as it became viral on social media. Many individuals today are highly interested in learning all the details of the news. For additional details on the news, scroll down the page. Follow For More Updates at

Who Is Steve and Wendy Hawkins?

As far as we are aware, the company announced on Facebook that a 58-year-old EMS administrator had died on Friday, December 23, 2022, following a five-year battle with cancer. Additionally, his wife Wendy passed away from cancer on the same day at the age of 52. For those who knew them, this is shocking news. Since the news spread online, a lot of people have paid him honour on social networking sites and offered their sympathies. For news-related information, you have come to the proper place.

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In June 2019, Steve was employed as an administrator. He worked as a paramedic in Cody, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park before moving to Yankton. He began working as a paramedic in San Diego, California. The couple’s three children, Brad, Mandi, and Trent, who are now in their 20s, were raised at home by Wendy, Steve’s 52-year-old wife and dedicated mother.

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How did Steve and Wendy Hawkins Die?

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The internet has recently been filled with reports that Steve and Wendy Hawkins passed away on the same day. They are no longer in their immediate family and passed away on Friday. This information recently surfaced online, and it quickly gained popularity across a number of social networking platforms.

Many people have been startled by their passing ever since the news broke on the internet. The couple’s story and how they passed away on the same day have piqued the interest of many people. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Steve, a South Dakota EMS employee, was 58 years old and employed with Yankton County EMS. He also lost his wife, Wendy Hawkins, who passed away. Both of them passed away on the same day after fighting cancer.

Since the news of their passing spread over social media, countless comments have made headlines online, and people are paying them honour on social networking sites.

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