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Son Kills Mother in Istanbul, Cutting Off Her Head and Throwing It On The Baclar Street Full Video

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The internet is being consumed by a horrifying tragedy that happened in Istanbul, and many people are afraid as a result. Additionally, other news and media outlets have reported the story of the online posting of crime scene photos that went viral. The terrifying details of an incident that occurred in Istanbul sent shivers down many people’s spines.

The accused was also visible there in the photographs taken after the horrified there films were put online. The crime or incident happened in a typical home, but the details are sketchy because the authorities are still looking into it. Follow For More Updates at

The Bağcılar Street Murder Case Today

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Local sources state that a rider was travelling down a road when he suddenly observed blood coming out of a polythene bag that had been thrown at him. That rider alerted the police, who subsequently arrived at the site. When it was discovered that someone had thrown polythene on a busy street where people were walking, onlookers and onlookers were initially surprised.

This horror was increased when it was discovered that the polythene bag that had been thrown down had blood seeping out of it. People gathered in one location later and noticed that more and more blood was dripping out, so they opened it. The bag contained a human head that had been severed from the body.

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When the authorities looked into it, they discovered that the person who lived where the head was discovered and on the first story of the structure where the polythene was thrown out had really stabbed and killed his mother before just chopping off her head. It was discovered that the guy who assaulted his mother was a mentally ill patient who acted out of rage.

Son Cuts His Mother’s Head & Threw It On The Bağcılar Street

The accused then put his mother’s head in a plastic bag, chopped off her head, and flung it outside his house, where it struck the biker. Later, photos of the suspect surfaced in which he was seen exiting the vehicle, tossing the bag outside, and then entering. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

It was then discovered that the accused or the person who was psychologically ill had posted on social media that he loved someone and wanted to demonstrate it to his mother. He killed his mother in rage because it appeared that she disapproved of someone he liked. Later, a statement from Istanbul’s police and government agencies said that they were aware of the horrifying tragedy that had recently taken place there and that they were using the best teams and doing their best to solve the issue. Additionally, the suspect was detained so that no neighbourhood neighbours are in danger.

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