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Snapchat Ghost Story: What Happened To Susan Rodriguez? Is This Story Real? Reason Explained

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We will tell you about a woman by the name of Susan Rodriguez in this article. She was a Canadian campaigner for the right to die who was given the diagnosis of an extremely rare disease in August 1991. This disease is also referred to as an l s amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. We are aware that many of our audience members are new and may be wondering who we are referring to. Susan Rodriguez chose it because the doctors had advised her that she would only be able to live for two or five years at most.

Because she was unable to take the pressure of this particular condition, she ultimately decided to end her own life on February 12, 1994, with the assistance of a doctor. She had a very limited amount of time left to live in this world. is where you go for the most recent developments.

Who Is Susan Rodriguez?

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Speaking of her personal life, she was born in August of 1950 and raised in Canada. At the age of 43, she decided to take her own life in British Columbia. If we talk about this particular disease, it is suffering for those who have been denied the right to live and is thought to be suicide. Susan Rodriguez was born and raised in Toronto but had previously lived in California before moving to Canada. Speaking of her marital status, she was indeed married to Henry Rodriguez. They were together for eight years before their separation, yet they managed to raise a son as a couple.

What Happened To Susan Rodriguez?

Susan Rodriguez asked for medical assistance in dying after being diagnosed with this illness, but no one helped her or handled her request by Section 241 B of the International Criminal Court, which states that if someone assists in committing suicide, they are subject to a sentence of more than 14 years in prison. Eventually, after numerous attempts, she believed that she would be granted a legal exception for her situation.

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One day, she decides that Susan Rodriguez would not continue to exist in this world. To describe her own life, she mixes a substance that is purported to be a blend of morphine. He then passed away instantly. Follow on Twitter

Snapchat Ghost Story: What Happened To Susan Rodriguez? Is This Story Real? Reason Explained

Is the ghost story on Snapchat true?

She also requested, though, that her son and ex-husband not be subject to this investigation because there had been no talk of an investigation into either of them and neither had been charged. In the year 2020, when people were using social media, a rumor was going around and they were given certain jobs evidently since there were a lot of rumors on social media about her that turned into horror stories or paranormal activity and that was fairly alarming for the people.

We are aware that these kinds of tasks are bogus, yet one morning a message stating that if this article is not shared, someone will perish appeared. The woman’s name was Susan, and the message was a curse.

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