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Sir Michael Hardie Boys, a former governor general of New Zealand, dies at age 92

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Today, New Zealand is in sorrow for the death of former Governor-General Sir Michael Hardie Boys, 92, one of its most illustrious public officers. With his death, a life marked by an unshakeable dedication to service and his beloved country comes to an end.

Who was Michael Hardie?

Sir Michael spent an exceptional life of service, and Sir Hardie was born in Wellington in 1931. Following a prosperous tenure as a judge on the High Court and Court of Appeal, he was named Governor-General in 1996, coinciding with the introduction of the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting system, a momentous constitutional development in New Zealand’s history. His dedication to leading the nation through this significant transformation was evident throughout his tenure, which ended in 2001.

Christopher Luxon, the prime minister, honored Sir Michael and recognized his important contribution to the nation. He emphasized how important it was for Sir Michael to spearhead New Zealand’s move to MMP, saying that this demonstrated his dedication to democratic principles.

Michael Hardie Death Reason

Sir Michael was well-known for his kindness and good humour throughout his vice-regal duties, and Lady Hardie Boys was always there to lend assistance. He was especially proud of helping young people achieve their goals and making a lasting impression on the following generation. Also Read: GB football player Gemma Wiseman passed away at the age of 33

Beyond his service as Governor-General and member of the judiciary, Sir Michael left a lasting impact. His unrelenting commitment to public service, along with his integrity and humility, made him well-known. For many years to come, his dedication to improving New Zealand and its people will be respected and appreciated.

We pay tribute to Sir Michael’s life and service as we say goodbye. Those who wish to serve their communities and their country will continue to find inspiration in his lasting legacy.

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