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Seven electric bikes fire at a showroom in Pune. Why you shouldn’t charge too much for an e-bike

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Up to seven electric motorcycles caught fire on Monday in a shop for them in Pune, Maharashtra. The collision occurred at night as the vehicles were refueling for the next day. Happily, nobody was wounded. The incident took place in a store close to Market Yard’s Gangadham neighborhood. The fire was extinguished by the fire service using fire tenders. Early indications indicate that overcharging may have started the fire. For more news, visit

In Pune, seven electric bicycles that were being charged caught fire

The event occurred on Monday night in the Market Yard of an electric bike store in Pune, Maharashtra. Four fire tenders were required to put out the fire after it was reported to the fire service around 8 p.m. During the accident, the fire scorched at least seven vehicles.

Seven electric bikes fire at a showroom in Pune. Why you shouldn’t charge too much for an e-bike
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Unverified reports state that the incident started in Pune at a showroom for Komaki Electric Vehicle Division. The shop offers electric scooters and bikes from Komaki India. Everyone was aware that the bikes were kept in the showroom and were charged. According to what we already know, an overcharging-related short circuit may have caused the incident. The precise cause of the fire would be discovered following a thorough examination of what occurred.

Due to the subpar quality of their battery packs, the Indian government recently delivered “show cause” letters to Ola Electric, Okinawa Autotech, Pure EV, and other companies. Rules have been established by the government based on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The Union Minister for Road Transport, Nitin Gadkari, recently stated that businesses that don’t satisfy the necessary criteria will be subject to severe fines.

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This summer, there were a lot of electric vehicle-related fires in India, but happily, the number is already declining. But the Indian government has established regulations for EV batteries in response to mounting concerns.

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