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Sania Khan Death Video: Age, Funeral, and Obituary! Murdered by Ex-Husband Raheel Ahmed Then Shot Himself!

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A well-known Chicago-based professional photographer named Sania Khan is said to have been murdered by Rahil Ahmed, her ex-husband. Sania exploits her position as a flight attendant for Spirit Airlines to control all communication. At the time, she was a lead flight attendant. Social media was inundated with comments as soon as the news of her murder spread. She was a student who obtained five bachelor’s degrees, to talk about her educational background. while additionally performing the duties of a manager at a signal center. She used to offer advice on how to file reports of crimes. That has been going on in the state, and solutions fell short. Follow at For Additional Updates

Sania Khan Death Video: Age, Funeral, and Obituary! Murdered by Ex-Husband Raheel Ahmed Then Shot Himself!

Who was Sania Khan?

Sania used to be extremely open about her divorce, so everyone knew that they had been living apart. We are aware that there is an increase in domestic violence and that some people are affected by it. One such victim who suffered a significant deal of abuse was Sania. She struggled to face everyone when she was living alone. However, the Chicago police claim that her spouse fatally shot her inside their apartment. He turned around and shot himself when the police arrived. Her face was covered in a lot of blood.

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At the last second, Ahmed also shot himself in the head, which he discovered in his bedroom. It was a 9 mm handgun, to speak about the weapon he employed. Additionally, it was stated that a very unfortunate tragedy took place in Chicago at the time. The news of this death made everyone feel especially resilient, but Sania was deliberately implicated in this homicide case. Our deepest sympathies are extended to the family.

Why did Sania Khan’s photojournalist husband Raheel Ahmed kill her?

Chicago Sun-Times reports that photographer Raheel Ahmed, Sania Khan’s ex-husband, may have killed her due to depression. Ahmed’s mental state deteriorated following their divorce. She and Ahmed split up and later separated throughout the last winter. He didn’t elaborate further on their connection. As a result, Raheel departed on Monday afternoon. He traveled to Streeterville from Georgia and shot and killed his ex-wife there. Georgia police requested to check on the well-being of the alleged shooter on Monday afternoon after his family reported him missing. The officers then made their way to the flat in the 200 blocks.

Domestic abuse was a factor in Raheel Ahmed and Sania Khan’s divorce.

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The incident’s primary reason is listed as the breakup of Sania Khan and Raheel Ahmed. Domestic violence, according to the investigators, was a significant contributing factor in their divorce. Sania was candid about their divorce on social media. However, a few of her pals told the media that their matter had already been resolved in May.

In Chicago and all of Illinois, domestic violence has increased, according to a report released earlier this month. due to the economic unrest brought on by the pandemic since last year. Sania, for example, was molested while she was living alone, which made it more challenging for victims to get assistance.

Sania Khan Death Video: Age, Funeral, and Obituary! Murdered by Ex-Husband Raheel Ahmed Then Shot Himself!
Streeterville shooting that claimed the life of photographer Sania Khan

Ahmed Khan, Sania Khan’s husband, shot and killed her at her Streeterville apartment. Fox32 Chicago, who had flown from Georgia to Chicago, reported this. When police tried to enter after the event, he turned the gun and shot himself. According to a source, Khan was still standing at the entrance when the cops showed up, covered in dried blood. a gunshot wound to the back of her skull and on her face.

Ahmed had also been shot in the head when he was found in a bedroom. A suicide note was close by, and he had a 9mm Glock handgun in his possession. The medical examiner’s office reports that Khan was pronounced dead at the scene. While Northwestern Memorial Hospital proclaimed Ahmed deceased. Ahmed’s death was judged to be a suicide, while Khan’s death was classed as a homicide.

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