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Philip Burns, who was he? A 36-year-old man hangs himself inadvertently while attempting to frighten his fiancée

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After a night out, a man came home and accidentally hanged himself while “joking around.” He was attempting to scare his future wife away.

On February 28, 36-year-old Philip Burns passed away in his Carlisle, Pennsylvania, home on Thomson Street. Philip Burns worked in Glasgow during the week and returned to Carlisle on the weekends to be with his fiancée, Michelle Delahunty-Evans, according to the Cockermouth Coroner’s Court.

Who was Philip Burns?

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He arrived in Carlisle on February 26 in the late afternoon, and he and his fiancée headed to a pub to take part in a pub quiz. She claimed that although Philip Burns had consumed some cocaine, he didn’t do so frequently. They went out on Sunday, February 27, in Carlisle, had “quite a few beers,” and then left. Follow satiknews.com for latest updates!!!!!

Philip Burns, who was he? A 36-year-old man hangs himself inadvertently while attempting to frighten his fiancée
Philip Burns, who was he? A 36-year-old man hangs himself inadvertently while attempting to frighten his fiancée

While watching TV and singing along, Delahunty-Evans claimed to have turned around and noticed Burns standing with his back to the door. She claimed that while they were watching “American Horror Story” that weekend, Burns was attempting to frighten her. Further investigation revealed that Burns had been “messing around” in an effort to catch his fiancee’s attention. Emergency services received a call just after 3:30 in the morning regarding a 36-year-old man who was not breathing.

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Delahunty-Evans ran outdoors to call for assistance since she couldn’t find her phone to dial 999. When a police officer arrived on the scene, he noticed a man on the floor not breathing and someone performing CPR on him. Burns’ partner was “drunk” and “surprised,” according to him, at what was happening. When a police officer arrived, Burns was lying on the ground and the door frame had been shattered.

He had used cocaine and had a significant amount of alcohol in his system, according to a toxicological study of his blood. According to the coroner, Dr. Nicholas Shaw, Burns had not recently displayed any indications that he intended to commit suicide. “If you find someone hanging from a rope, your initial assumption is that they committed suicide,” he told the Daily Mail. Philip has never suffered from a mental condition or damaged himself. He went out for the evening and appears to have enjoyed himself.

Philip Burns Couse of Death

The majority of people don’t commit suicide while there are other people there. I find it difficult to accept that he committed suicide. Because they were having fun and something went wrong, I’m more inclined to believe that he did something wrong. Nobody will learn. Philip is unable to communicate with us from the other side. I believe that he was playing around when something went wrong, more likely than not,” he stated. Burns was likely hanging on the door to frighten his fiancée, the man claimed, when the rope tightened and killed him. Philip Burns cause of death was classified as hanging after Dr. Shaw determined that he had died accidentally.

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