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Peter Kong’s Cause of Death Founder of Labuan’s Ro-Ro Ferry Peter Kong Died at 65

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Sadly and shockingly, we must inform you that prominent Labuan businessman Datuk Seri Peter Kong passed away at the age of 65 lately. He passed away on Monday and is no longer with us. Recently, news broke on the internet, and as soon as it did, headlines on social media began to appear. Many people are currently looking for his name on the internet because they want to learn more about Kong and how he died. Follow For More Updates at

Who was Peter Kong?

Ro-Ro ferry service was started by Datuk Seri Peter Kong. He established the most significant Labuan sea transport roll-on roll-off ferry service that served the Labuan Menumbok Labuan rote over a decade via Labuan Ferry Sdn Bhd, making him a well-known businessman on this duty-free island.

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He was among the greatest MCA pioneers in Labun and later served as the MCA youth leader in Lubuan during the 1990s. In addition, he served as the Labuan UPKO advisor for the Sabah-based party UPKO. He was a wonderful person, and we shall always miss him.

Peter Kong Cause of Death

Datuk Seri Peter Kong, a businessman from Labuan, is more closely associated with him. On the afternoon of January 30, 2023, he passed away. His sister, Rozi Kong, has verified the news of his passing.

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Many people have been stunned by his untimely death since the news of his demise spread online, and they must now be quite interested to learn what caused it. Kong’s sister reported that he passed away around 12:40 owing to an infection. Datuk Seri Peter Kong was a wonderful, kind man who excelled at what he did and attained great success as a result. His three sons, one of whom is the physician, are his only heirs.

His sister claimed that on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, her brother’s remains will arrive at his son’s residence in Taman Fulliwa. Following the funeral rites, they would be interred at the Buddhist cemetery nearby Taman Fulliwa. Now, a lot of people are paying respect to him on social media and offering his family heartfelt condolences.

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