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Penda Dalle’s Cause of Death popular musician from Cameroon Notice of Death

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It is really difficult to convey that a very well-known Cameroonian artist named Penda Dalle apparently gone away. A very brilliant and well-known musician, Penda Dalle is no longer among his friends and family. On Monday, he breathed his final breath. His passing was announced online, and as soon as it appeared on social media sites, countless reactions began making waves online. Those who knew him are mourning his passing and are deeply saddened by it. Follow For More Updates at

Who was Penda Dalle?

In 1958, Tete Dalle Penda Jeannot was born. He served in the Republican Guard and Cameroon Navy from 1976 and 1980. At the time, he was a member of the band Les New Star de Bonadihong. Over the course of a year, he and this group occasionally released a 45 rpm single on the Disques Cousin label.

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At the age of 22, he left the military and joined Emile Kangue’s brand-new group, La Musette, which he had started after leaving Les Black Styl. When the 45rpm single Se to mba/Ne nde was published on the Africa Oumba label in 1980, he began his solo career. He was a very well-known individual, and he will be sorely missed.

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Penda Dalle Cause of Death

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According to reports, Penda Dalle, the legendary Makossa figure and author of the popular song “BONADIBON,” passed suddenly recently. On Monday, December 26, 2022, he went away. Although his exact cause of death is unknown at this time, he passed away following a sickness. If we learn more, we will let you know as soon as possible. Since his passing was announced online, his loved ones have been very heartbroken by his abrupt demise. Please read the entire story before moving on to the next page to learn more about the news. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

According to what we know, his followers had to wait ten years for a new album, but Sone ndolo returned in 2011 with the album’s release. In order to create a four-song maxi-single, he recently re-entered the studio with his longtime musical friend Emile Kangue. Many people have been surprised by his abrupt death since the news of his passing spread online, and they are paying tribute to him on social media platforms and offering their sympathies to his family.

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