Sunday, February 5, 2023

Pakistani Teenage Girl Groped In Street Viral Video On Twitter, Reddit

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Unbelievably, a Pakistani girl was caught on camera being groped by an unidentified man in the street in broad daylight. Sources claim that the afternoon incident took place in Islamabad. In the video, a girl wearing a burqa can be seen walking by herself down a street. An unknown male suddenly approaches from behind her and encircles the girl, molesting her in the process. Follow for latest updates!!

The girl tries to push the man away in the interim. Then he lets her go and leaves. She gathers her thoughts as she considers what has happened. Hamid Mir, a senior journalist, tweeted the tweet with the video and stated that it is up to all men to find the culprit and hold him responsible for his acts. As would be expected, the man’s actions horrified online users.

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Others criticized the police, alleging that although similar incidents occur frequently, nothing is done about them. Many others called for the police to step in.

Later, the Islamabad Police tweeted that they had taken note of the problem and that police were investigating it. Studies show that more than 70% of the Pakistani women employed there experience harassment.

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White Ribbon Pakistan, a women’s rights NGO, estimates that between 2004 and 2016, 4,734 women endured sexual abuse. The Pakistani government amended the 2010 law’s weaker sections and passed the Protection from Harassment at the Workplace (Amendment Bill), 2022.

Pakistan’s proportion of working women has increased generally in recent years, but the country is still battling the issue of sexual, physical, and psychological harassment of women, which limits their safe mobility and prevents them from going outside to work

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