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Online videos of taxi harassment become popular

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Online videos of taxi harassment become popular The following video shows online taxi abuse a gorgeous woman encountered on her way home to Mangano’s house. On Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. The five minutes and forty second long web video concerning taxi abuse is currently trending highly. The victim, a lovely woman, acknowledged being sexually harassed in the taxi in the internet cab driver’s video.

A man who was allegedly harassing a woman online suddenly caused a stir on social media. According to information from a video that became widely shared on Twitter. According to the data we have acquired. The 5 minutes and 40-second lengthy sexual harassment video of a taxi driver are currently trending on Twitter. Social media users are once again shocked by the problem. Online taxi drivers abusing passengers sexually on Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow at For Additional Updates!!!

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In a neighborhood in Manado, North Sulawesi, a female user of an internet taxi service once more encountered sexual harassment. The female passenger character in a video that was uploaded to the @Majeliskopi08 Instagram account acknowledges that she has encountered sexism while traveling online.

Video of Taxi Harassment to Go Viral

The beginning of this tale occurs when two female customers use an online ride-hailing service to request a taxi. He entered the cab and sat in the back row. The online cab driver even gave the woman’s thigh a brief touch. The customers quickly brushed the online taxi driver’s hand away. It turned out that the driver had grabbed the man’s hand and was verbally abusing him.

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This incident occurred on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, in Manado City, North Sulawesi, according to the information in the upload. Both the driver and the sexual harasser have been detained. The Directorate of Generic Criminal Investigation’s Renata Sub-Directorate IV. The North Sulawesi Regional Police verified that there was sexual harassment taking place between online taxi drivers and female passengers.

Online videos of taxi harassment become popular

It was the victim’s name, and NHW alias Novi, a resident of Kombi Village in the Minahasa Regency. Was revealed to be the alleged perpetrator. Following that, this video became more well-liked on social media, and viewers left comments. Many of these were directed at the victim for allowing others to wear his items by online users.

It serves as a gentle reminder to women that what we wear affects how much respect others have for us. @Nur * advised wearing clothing. That wouldn’t make other men lust after you if you didn’t want to encounter harassment. @Agi* stated, “Madam, skirts for elementary school students are short.” The danger, in the opinion of @Lqm***, lies in the effects of spreading genitalia. See Video

Do you find it intriguing that a woman passenger was harassed in the viral video of the harassing automobile driver? You can watch a video depicting sexual harassment in the transportation sector by clicking on this link. Check THIS That was the key argument made in the story about the footage of online taxi harassment. The good news is that female user of online cab services are starting to feel at ease.

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