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On Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit, Chrisean Rock’s Dad’s Punching Blueface in the Face video went vir@l!

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Chrisean Rock and Blueface are back in the spotlight after releasing a video that caused chaos online. The couple’s video quickly became popular across the internet. The couple is infamous for their poisonous relationship.

They frequently argue with each other and occasionally involve their family in their arguments. The pair is currently making headlines once more thanks to their internet sensational video, which quickly surpassed millions of views. Stay tight as we go into great detail regarding this video and the couple, who are both quite well known. Follow For More Updates at

Why Did Chrisean Rock’s Dad Punch Blueface In The Face?

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Blueface is seen speaking for and defending his girlfriend in the vir@l video that is going vir@l and is trending everywhere. During the question-and-answer session the pair decided to hold, an Instagram user going by the name of Laylaunezz posed a question. The viewers wanted to know why Chrisean constantly has a musty appearance. Additionally, the viewer’s query was both funny and offensive. While Chrisean stayed in front of Blueface, he could be seen smiling and chuckling a little bit as Blueface laughed heartily on one side and just mentioned that his girlfriend is not musty at all on the other side.

Why Did Blueface’s Father Punch Chrisean Rock In The Face?

Chrisean Rock and Blueface don’t seem to have a happily-ever-after, and they frequently make headlines for various reasons. They are constantly looking for attention, both voluntarily and involuntarily. However, the couple recently conducted a live session on Instagram during which a fan asked a question and Blueface responded in an awkward manner.

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For some reason, this video garnered millions of views and quickly spread throughout the internet. While the boyfriend, Blueface, is defending his girlfriend, Chrisean, in this particular video, viewers will notice that, despite how poisonous they are, they still live together right now for some reason.

The explanation behind the Chrisean Rock’s Dad punching Blueface in the face video

The 46-second video clip that was uploaded online suggested that the pair might be experiencing some form of understanding, but nothing is certain because earlier on, even after passing through a normal condition, they got into a dispute. While it can be seen in the video that Blueface was composed and responded in a composed manner as well, Chrisean was not at all pleased with Blueface’s response and she also produced a doubtful face.

On the other hand, some online users claimed that Blueface’s response had left many of them, including Chrisean herself, unsatisfied. Blueface seemed going to giggle as he read the question, many online users noted. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Many others made fun of Blueface and said that he had no regard for Chrisean. There were a tonne of tweets online where users posted their opinions of the video as well as troll comments. One of the internet users said that Blueface is a freak who is trying to play and makes her feel embarrassed in front of many others. As well as mentioning that Blueface had a blatant sense of humor, another Twitter user. Some random Tweet remarked on how awful Blueface’s laughter while concealing it was. Many even argued that Chrisean would have killed Blueface if she had caught him laughing.

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