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Five People Die in New Year’s Day Crash on Cross Island Parkway, According to CCTV footage

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Greetings, today there is news that five people tragically lost their lives in a car crash that happened in Queens on New Year’s Day. Continue reading this post to learn more about this news. According to locals, the incident happened on the Cross Island Parkway, more precisely in a section known for its dangerous curve. Sadly, a deadly two-car collision with an overturned car happened in northern Queens a few hours into the New Year’s Day on Monday.

The collision happened at six in the morning, but not much is known about it at this time because the police are still conducting their investigation. A Mazda and a Honda were engaged in the collision when they were both heading north on the Cross Island Parkway.

New Year’s Day Accident

All five of the Mazda’s occupants tragically perished at the site, while the driver of the Honda was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in Queens, where he is still in stable condition. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene and found one of the vehicles flipped. When questioned by CBS News, locals stated that the collision happened next to a tight curve on the road that is notorious for producing hazardous driving conditions.

There were two significant traffic accidents in the city prior to the first sunrise of 2024. A 44-year-old driver in Midtown crashed into police cars and an adjacent food truck on a sidewalk close to West 34th Street and Seventh Avenue around 1:30 in the morning while trying to flee the scene.

At least ten people were hurt in the event, and a woman became stuck beneath the food truck. She was taken to the hospital along with the other six individuals involved, and her status is currently stable. Also Read: Inspirational speaker and author Lisa Robertson has Dead

Crash Kills 5 People on Cross Island Parkway

As of Monday afternoon, the police said that charges against the driver, who was hospitalized in critical but stable condition, were still pending. A total of 100,508 auto accidents occurred in 2022, with 37,848 of them resulting in injuries or fatalities. Motor vehicle collisions that involve high speeds or involve a motorcyclist, pedestrian, or bicyclist are more likely to end in fatalities.

Crash Kills 5 People on Cross Island Parkway

Not unexpectedly, Brooklyn is the borough with the highest number of fatal accidents—a dubious reputation. The high rate of fatalities in this borough can be linked to variables that increase the likelihood of collisions, such as poorly built roads and heavy traffic, as well as a higher overall number of auto accidents. Also Read: Head-on Crash on the Byron Highway: One Dead and Two Hurt

35% of crashes that resulted in injury or death occurred in Brooklyn; 12,812 out of all collisions in the city fell into this category. On the other hand, with only 1,853 crashes resulting in injuries or fatalities, Staten Island had the fewest serious or fatal accident statistics.

The Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens were the locations of the remaining deadly collisions. 10,507 collisions resulting in injury or death occurred in Queens, making about 28% of all crashes in the city. Manhattan saw 6,016 collisions resulting in injury or death, or just 16% of all collisions citywide, but the Bronx saw 6,660 collisions resulting in injuries or deaths, or 18% of all collisions citywide.

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