Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Nathaniel Dixon: Who Is He? Gonzalo Carrasco Jr, a Selma police officer, was fatally shot by a dangerous suspect

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Sadly and shockingly, we must inform you that Nathaniel Dixon, a 24-year-old police officer from Selma, was killed while performing his official duties. The tragic event took place on January 31, 2023, a Tuesday. The person in question is Gonzalo Carrasco Jr., 24. This information recently surfaced online, and it quickly gained popularity on social media. This incident has shocked a lot of people, and the news has raised a lot of questions. Follow For More Updates at satiknews.com

Who was Nathaniel Dixon?

Officer Gonzalo Carrasco Jr. of the Selma Police Department was shot and killed by a dangerous suspect. In the 2600 block of Pine Street on Tuesday at around 11:45, Officer Gonzalo Carrasco of the Selma Police Department was patrolling when a local pulled him to the ground.

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She informed him that an unsavoury character was on her property. Officer Carrasco exited his patrol car and made an effort to speak with the man, later identified as Nathaniel Dixon. Officer Carrasco was hit by a barrage of shots fired by Dixon as Carrasco drew closer.

Death Reason

Dixon still had his pistol in hand and he ran away. An officer had allegedly been shot, according to a resident who called 911. Officers from Selma Police, Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputies, Cal Fire firefighters, and Selma EMS provided the victim with medical care. Police officer from Selma was taken urgently to Community Regional Medical Center. He had surgery in the operating room, but there he lost consciousness and was declared dead. Many law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and started searching for the shooter, who was rumoured to have a tattoo on his face.

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According to what we know, a deputy located the shooter close to Fig and Sequoia around 12:10 and apprehended him. The gun was eventually found after Dixon was detained. Nathaniel Dixon, a resident of Selma, has been named as the suspect. The age of Nathaniel Dixon is 23. He was checked in at Fresno County Jail by homicide detectives. He murdered a policeman. The incident is still being looked into at this time. If we learn anything, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

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