Monday, February 6, 2023

More Check Out Where the 5G Towers Are Going to Be Built in NYC

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5G Tower transmission poles are being constructed for another Manhattan neighbourhood as part of an initiative to provide internet availability throughout New York City.

Even while it has excellent intentions, not everyone is pleased with it.

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Local Upper East Side leaders think the towers, which stand around 32 feet tall on the pavement, will be an eyesore, especially because one is planned to be built directly in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Follow For More Updates at

Upper East Side homeowner Ray Michaels observed, “I mean, these towers are just a little obscene – they appear as tall as the building.”

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26 of the three-story towers are already up and running across the five boroughs. The city intends to build 2,000 more homes during the following several years.

The chief technology officer of the city, Matthew Fraser, has a message for the citizens requesting a “no” vote at the community board this week.

You must give technology a chance, Fraser stated in his message.

When the government tested the first Link 5G tower in the Bronx during the summer, he stood beside NYC Mayor Eric Adams. It has a boxier shape and is about the size of a light pole, with room for the technology inside.

But the city is aware that it can be difficult to get neighbourhoods to approve such massive skyscrapers. The business community has expressed opposition to the towers in a letter to Manhattan’s Community Board 8, but the towers are described as “invaluable tools that provide free high-speed Wi-Fi, free nationwide calling, free charging ports for mobile devices, and 911 and 311 access to millions of people” in the letter. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Some people even believed that the towers’ design was unique and different in addition to their purpose.

“I enjoy it somewhat. It has a cyberpunk feel about it. I like it,” Melanie Haynes stated.

If everything goes according to plan, individuals should be able to wander almost anyplace in the city by 2026, with full bars and full service, all for free.

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