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Mohali Giant Joyride Wheel Accident Video: Over Dozen Injured, Giant Swing Ride Fall & Crashes Full Cctv Footage Clip!

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We’ve all heard that a few visitors to theme parks have perished after falling off rides. However, all of these occurrences took place in other nations. However, a situation identical to this one recently occurred in India, when many passengers suffered injuries after falling from a ride. Everyone who watches the incident’s footage, which is currently available online, gets goosebumps. The accident that harmed numerous youngsters is replayed in the video. The incident took place in Mohali, Punjab, and is currently making headlines on news channels. To learn more about this situation, scroll down. is where you go for the most recent developments.

Swing Breaks Mid-Air At Crowded Fair In Mohali

According to a police official, people blamed the police for arriving late at the scene of the incident instead of helping the injured. The official claimed that the event organizers had neglected to make any arrangements for the ambulance, and we discovered some sort of irresponsibility on their part. The police stated clearly that an investigation is already underway because it is now unknown how this incident occurred and why it occurred. Although we don’t currently know the injured people’s condition, as soon as we do, we’ll let our readers know.

Mohali Swing Accident Incident

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Several people, including children, were riding a high-rise swing when it crashed at a packed festival on the Dussehra grounds in Mohali, Punjab, India. On September 4, 2022, a Sunday, the incident took place. A video of the terrifying episode, in which the swing can be seen spinning and progressively increasing, is currently going viral. The swing came to a stop at a certain height and started to shake; however, this time, rather than descending gradually, the ride free-falls, injuring several people, including children. The event occurred on the evening of Sunday, September 4th, around 09:15 PM in Mohali’s 8th Phase, according to the police who are looking into the matter.

Mohali Giant Joyride Wheel Accident Video: Over Dozen Injured, Giant Swing Ride Fall & Crashes Full Cctv Footage Clip!

Punjab Crowded Fair Giant Swing Accidents Cause Over a Dozen Injuries

According to a tweet from Mohammad Ghazali, “A high-rise spinning joyride broke down and toppled at the Dashera Ground, Phase-8 in Mohali, injuring 10 persons, including women and children. In the viral video, several people could be seen swaying out of their seats into the air due to the impact, and chaos could be heard, which raised anxiety and panic. The cops reported the incident and started an investigation. According to the police, the fair’s organizers received approval to hold the event through Sunday, September 4, 2022. The medical facility is located in Mohali, Punjab, and according to the authorities, about 16 people were injured and were immediately admitted.

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