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Martinez Zogo: Who Was He? Popular Cameroonian Journalist Discovered Dead Following Kidnapping

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Following the Sunday discovery of a well-known Cameroonian journalist, several members of a similar community have been shocked by a crime. Martinez Zogo, whose dismembered body was discovered five days after he was kidnapped by some unidentified attackers, has been identified as the deceased, according to the sources. Follow For More Updates at satiknews.com

The deceased’s body has since been discovered close to Yaounde, the capital. Many people are using social media to spread this information and ask for people’s assistance in finding him after the news of his disappearance went viral on the Internet. If you’re interested in learning more about him and how it happened?

Who was Martinez Zogo?

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The director of the private radio station Amplitude FM, Martinez Zogo, was taken hostage on January 17; it was claimed that Zogo attempted to flee his captors by breaking into a police station. Although the precise cause of his kidnapping and death has not been disclosed, preliminary reports indicate that he had been discussing on-air an alleged embezzlement case involving a media outlet with connections to the government. Police are currently looking into the incident and attempting to track down the attackers responsible for kidnapping Zogo.

Additionally, it was demonstrated that Zogo has no fear of anything as the 51-year-old discussed some corruption cases and did not hesitate to address specific individuals by name. According to Reporters Without Borders (RSF), Tuesday night around 8 PM, Yaounde suburb police heard a loud noise outside the police station and discovered a damaged Zogo vehicle.

Martinez Zogo Cause of Death

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They discovered later that this was an abduction. CAMEROON BLACK SUNDAY A Voice Gone!, according to a Facebook post. The dead body of Martinez Zogo, a Cameroonian journalist who worked for Amplitude FM, was discovered on the outskirts of Yaoundé, the country’s capital. The journalist from Cameroon was taken hostage a few days ago and reportedly killed by his captors the same day.

Several other individuals also used their social media accounts to pay him tribute after his passing was confirmed. Charlie Amie Tchouemou, editor-in-chief of Amplitude FM, a colleague of Zogo’s, confirmed his kidnapping. All of the people are experiencing a moment of fear as a result of the incident.

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