Friday, March 24, 2023

Mahsa Amini Death Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit

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Iranian woman Mahsa Amini was detained by the police for allegedly violating the Hijab laws that applied to the entire nation and were later reported dead. Following Mahsa’s passing, there was an immediate uprising against the mortality police.

Protest In Iran By Women Over Death Of Mahsa Amini

Many of the officers, including the one in charge of Mahsa’s case, have said that the police are incorrect in their accusations because the woman was ill and ultimately passed away. While many others assert that the police beat to death the woman who was apprehended. Please provide additional information regarding Mahsa Amini case and the protests that took place in Iran. Follow For More Updates at

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Iranians began to rise against the government after Mahsa’s death by taking to the streets. Many protesters were spotted throwing stones at the morality police and yelling against the administration in Tehran, the nation’s capital. After the woman who was appointed to the position of power died because she disobeyed the nation’s strict dress code, the common men became indignant. On Monday, several university students from Tehran gathered and began to demonstrate. The students’ desire to look into the death of Mahsa, a woman who is alleged to have been killed by cops, was disgusting.

Mahsa Amini Cause of Death

Death to the tyrant was the shout of the protesters, and they even vandalized the police officers’ cars. According to reports, when the protests grew out of control, they could smell something that might have been tear gas, and there were stones scattered around.

Mahsa Amini Death Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit
Mahsa Amini Death Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit
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Roads were blocked off, and riot police, plainclothes police officers, and police officers were everywhere. In Tehran’s center, where there were reportedly protests, all cell networks were also shut down. The protesters even made it to the intersections where they overturned numerous trash cans and began yelling continuously after burning the vehicles.

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On the internet, there were numerous recordings showing protesters overturning objects and throwing rocks at various public institutions. These protesters included students and civilians. Kurdish cities in Western Iran, Rasht in the north, and the university in Isfahan’s city center was the primary alleged hotspots for the uprising. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Mahsa was brought into jail by the police on Tuesday of last week because she was not wearing a hijab. According to the authorities, she had a heart attack and died as a result. She had no prior heart attacks, contrary to what many others, including her family, have claimed.

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