Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Knott’s Berry Farm entertainment mecca closes ahead of schedule after battles, California police say

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Battles and misleading reports of gunfire sent Knott’s Berry Farm guests scrambling for the ways out as the event congregation shut three hours ahead of schedule Saturday, July 16, California police announced.

“I saw an entire bundle of individuals running out and that is the thing that set off me and I was like, ‘What’s going on?'” guest Tina Rodriguez told KABC. “I asked more individuals and they were like, ‘Goodness, there was a potential shooting.’ But I can’t help thinking about how that might have occurred with every one of the metal locators.”

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The Los Angeles-region park said in an explanation on Twitter that the “raucous way of behaving and squabbles between youngsters” provoked the choice to close down the recreation area around 8 p.m. It had been booked to close at 11 p.m.

“This conduct didn’t line up with our park’s qualities and was not the experience we maintain that any visitor should have while visiting Knott’s Berry Farm,” the assertion read. The recreation area wanted to resume on Sunday, July 17. In an explanation on Facebook, Buena Park police said they examined various 911 reports of shots discharged in the recreation area however found no gunfire occurred.

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Three individuals were harmed, firemen told KTTV. “What on earth is happening with individuals?” one individual asked on Twitter. “Kids couldn’t partake in a pleasant day w/their family at Knott’s Berry Farm w/out it being demolished. This craziness needs to stop.” The 57-section of land carnival started during the 1920s as a boysenberry stand. It presently has 40 rides and 4,000,000 guests every year.

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