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Journalist Alexander Rybin was found dead by the side of the road after criticizing the Kremlin

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Since a lot of people are looking up information about Alexander Rybin online, we will provide it here. The public is using the internet to learn more about Alexander Rybin, and since the news of his passing is becoming widely circulated, they also want to know the specifics of how he died.

Thus, in this post, we have provided readers with information about Alexander Rybin. We will also provide the specifics of his death because they are being searched for online by the general population. Follow for latest updates

Who was Alexander Rybin Journalist?

It was found that a murdered Russian journalist had pledged to deliver new material about Putin’s “gigantic corruption.” Alexander Rybin, 39, was discovered dead by the side of the road near Shakhty in the Rostov region of Russia. Putin is the latest in a line of mysterious deaths linked to the media, with his war on Ukraine.

Rybin was found dead during his visit to occupied Mariupol, where he had criticized Putin for his lack of progress in rebuilding the city destroyed by bombing. “Cardiomyopathy” was the cause of death, according to an autopsy, according to Russian official media. His bank cards and belongings were still there.

Alexander Rybin Journalist Cause of Death

Alexander Rybin Journalist Cause of Death

Rybin fought with pro-Putin forces in Luhansk in 2014 and 2015, but he eventually lost hope in the “Russian Spring” movement. In the course of covering Russian media, including Putin-friendly publications, he had traveled far.

On December 30, he told Mariupol viewers, “There is gigantic money here, there are gigantic opportunities for corruption.””The year 2023 is unfortunately not any easier for the people who live in Mariupol than it was in 2022,” is how I see the widespread corruption that exists in Mariupol, which the Russian army heavily took over in the spring of 2022. I make no accusations against anyone.

Later on, he promised to go into more detail. It happened a few days after Kuban, the head editor of one of Putin’s propaganda TV channels, was found dead from what looked to be poisoning. In her bedroom, 48-year-old Zoya Konovalova—who ran a channel near Mad Vlad’s unlawful battlefront—and her ex-husband Andrey Gubatiyka were found.

According to a report by her station, “poisoning by an unknown substance is the preliminary cause of death.” In the TV host’s private Krasnodar city home, a fragment of a plastic bag carrying a “powdery substance” was found, according to reports.

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