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Josh Zarazua, also known as Panda, was an MMA fighter. What Caused His Death?

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Josh Zarazua was not only amiable with many people, but he also assisted them, which attracted lots of people to him. While leaving comments on the LFA’s post about Josh’s passing, many people sent online condolences to his family. According to a comment made by a Facebook user, Josh made many people smile and will always be remembered as having a wonderful personality. Additionally, the user prayed for Josh and his family. Follow For More Updates at satiknews.com

Who was Josh Zarazua?

Another Facebook user chimed in to say that thinking about Josh is like talking to Josh and that she also wishes she could spend more time with him. Josh Zarazua continued by saying that he had known Josh and had become friends with him, and that he treasured each and every day and moment spent with Josh. Yet another commenter chimed in to say that Panda would always be remembered and sorely missed.

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Despite the release of the death announcement, the cause of death has not yet been disclosed. As was previously stated, Josh was described as having a warm personality and a loving nature. Josh had mental health issues, according to the post by mental health advocate Dominic Bill, and he also struggled with his mental health. Many people assumed that Josh may have been depressed despite the fact that the exact cause of death is unknown.

Josh Zarazua Cause of Death

They continued by saying that Josh’s passing had shocked the entire community and that they were sending their condolences to his family. Josh, an amateur mixed martial artist from Louisiana, was ranked 129th in the Southeast region of the United States in the category of welterweight. Josh made his first appearance in the LFA 134, which took place on June 10th, 2022. Josh Zarazua was better known by his stage name Panda, but many people also liked and adored him for his personality and his demeanour.

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Many people expressed their sincere condolences and prayed for the family at the same time. Watch this space as we go into more detail about Josh and his life. The news of Josh’s passing was first reported by Legacy Fighting Alliance, who also used their Facebook page to do so. They continued by saying that having Josh and being with him both were honours for them.

They continued by saying it was a privilege to play josh in their Octagon. Additionally, they expressed their sincere condolences, prayers, and worries to Josh’s family, friends, and loved ones. Josh’s friend Hailey Cowan added that Panda, aka Josh, was an excellent teammate and treated him and the rest of the Blitz team like brothers. He continued by saying that he was an excellent father to his kids, Trey and Amaya.

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