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Joey Chestnut: Did he sustain an injury as a result of the collision?

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Joey Chestnut, a legend in the hot dog eating sport, wants to break his previous record of 76 hot dogs ingested in 10 minutes, which was established in 2017. Crutches are used by the aggressive eater, which could be a drawback. The 15-time Nathan’s Scorching Canine Consuming Contest champion has promised that the damage to his pair will not stop him. The 38-year-old said before the competition that he would “be eating like a madman.” Follow satiknews.com for latest updates.

Was Joey Chestnut hurt in an accident? Has He Been Beaten?

Joey Chestnut made an error during the interview despite his best efforts to downplay the severity of his tandem harm. The 38-year-old gave the following response when asked what happened: “Life occurs. Because of this answer, many admirers have concluded that the person was overjoyed.

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However, we currently lack any evidence to support that. Another possibility is that there was information about the competitors that wasn’t necessary for him to know.

Additionally, there are numerous claims that Chestnut was involved in an accident. You will be provided with additional information as soon as is practical. Despite being a vegetarian, I can’t ignore this rite; it is both wonderful and absurd.

Internet Price And Earnings For Mr. Joey Chestnut In 2022

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According to Celeb Internet Price, Joey Chestnut web worth is reportedly $2.5 million. Additionally, Joey has won a total of 15 prizes in the $10,000 annual Nathan’s Scorching Dog Eating Contest. However, he also makes money in other ways.

He has also been on a lot of food-related TV shows. His most well-known TV performances were Man V Meals. The television show is in its eighth season right now. Many people think that one of the greatest competitive eaters of all time was Joey Chestnut.

The Residence of Joey Chestnut’s Wife

He is married to Leslie Ricasa, Joey Chestnut’s childhood sweetheart. Before the 2014 Nathan’s Scorching Dog Eating Contest, the aggressive eater asked his girlfriend to marry him, and guess what? According to his Wikipedia bio, she agreed. They’ve been together for more than ten years now. Joey was born to Merlin and Alicia in Kentucky, where he also spent his childhood. He currently resides in Indiana with his wife.

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