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Jessica Burgess: Who Is She? Facebook has come under fire for providing police Mom Discusses Abortion With Teenage Daughter

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A Norfolk, Nebraska, lady is presently charged with a felony for allegedly aborting her teenage daughter illegally and then burying the baby’s foetus. The alleged mother’s name is Jessica Burgess, and she is 41 years old at the moment. Celeste Burgess, age 17, has been confirmed as the victim’s teenage daughter. Jessica Burgess allegedly assisted her daughter Celesta in facing abortion-related charges earlier this week. Follow for latest updates.

Celesta was reportedly pregnant for more than 23 weeks, according to reports. Celeste was 23 weeks pregnant, which is longer than the period that is allowed by law for an abortion. Joseph Smith, the Madison County Attorney, declared in a statement that he had never heard of a situation like this. He went on to say that while abortions are typically carried out in hospitals and under the supervision of medical professionals, this has not been the case in this instance.

Who Is Jessica Burgess?

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Jessica Burgess has been accused by the office of Attorney Joseph of executing an abortion at a gestational age greater than 20 weeks as well as without a valid licence. The fact that someone has been charged with such accusations is a first in Joseph’s more than three decades of legal experience, he added. Despite this, both women are charged with disposing of the baby’s foetus. Jessica and Celesta, mother and daughter, are accused of felony offences include removing, hiding, and dumping a dead corpse.

Jessica Burgess: Who Is She? Facebook has come under fire for providing police Mom Discusses Abortion With Teenage Daughter

A 22-year-old male has also entered a plea of no contest after being charged with aiding the mother-daughter team in burying the baby’s body. This case has been under investigation since April of this year. Despite the fact that this case has received a tonne of online public attention. Recently, social media has been flooded with comments from the general public regarding this case. People are still expressing their ideas and opinions on this subject and not cooling down.

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Many individuals, particularly the liberal lobby, are believed to support the mother-daughter team, whilst the conservative lobby is in favour of pressing charges against both mother-daughter teams and launching an investigation into both. The conservative lobby is classifying it as a felony and labelling it the murder of a human being. Despite having paid the money, the mother-daughter duo was freed on bail. Jessica and Celeste were both released after posting $10000 and $200,000 bonds, respectively. The lawsuit is currently in court, and hearings will shortly begin. Stay tuned with us for the most recent news, updates, and updates on a national and worldwide level.

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