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Jens Grede: The Swedish fashion tycoon shaking things up in the business

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Standing tall in the fashion industry, Swedish native Jens Grede is one of the co-founders of several well-known brands, such as Frame Denim, Skims, and BRADY. His business endeavors have been bolstered by his collaboration with his wife, Emma Grede, a well-known British businesswoman in her own right. The pair’s combined efforts have greatly increased their reputation in the field.

The four-parent Gredes have made Los Angeles, California, their home base; the city’s vibrant fashion and business scenes probably had some effect on their choice. Together, they have skillfully combined the demands of their entrepreneurial endeavors with their familial obligations, creating a collaboration that goes beyond the traditional lines separating fashion and business.

Although Jens Grede’s exact birth year is unknown, it is believed that, as of January 2024, he will be in the early years of his fifth decade based on the age of his wife Emma. Emma Grede was born on September 23, 1982, in London, and she will be 41 years old in 2024. The early years of the couple’s relationship began in London in 2007 when Jens, who was working as a brand consultant at the time, met Emma, who was running her own talent management company. 2010 saw the spectacular wedding ceremony between them in Oxfordshire, England’s prestigious Blenheim Palace.

Since then, their family’s fabric has grown to include four new members: twin daughters Romy and Rumi, who were born via surrogacy in November 2021, and two sons, Grey and Indio. The family is a dynamic and intricately woven family fabric, a melting pot of cultural influences that keeps evolving.

Grede’s professional path in the fashion industry is dotted with noteworthy achievements. Throughout his early career, he advised well-known clients like Tom Ford, Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, H&M, and others on brand strategy. He made his foray into the world of entrepreneurship in 2012 when he and Erik Torstensson founded Frame Denim. With the help of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid, the brand quickly became well-known for its superior denim. Also Read: The enduring love story of Daniela Ruah and her hubby David Paul Olsen

Since then, Frame Denim’s line of products has grown to include collections of eyewear and accessories in addition to a wide variety of ready-to-wear clothing for both sexes. The shapewear brand Skims was launched in 2019 and was co-founded by Jens, Emma Grede, and media celebrity Kim Kardashian West. As CEO, Jens directs the operational and strategic plan for Skims. Acclaimed for its dedication to diversity, the brand has quickly risen to a valuation that is higher than $1 billion.

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