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In the public park, the girlfriend of Michael Clarke gives him a SLAP

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It’s possible that broadcasting would be prohibited for Michael Clarke. due to the public incident he and his girlfriend Jade had, the upcoming Test series between India and Australia. At the park, Michael Clarke’s girlfriend punched him.

His girlfriend, Jade Yarbrough, regularly strikes Michael Clark in the face. with a voice that expresses her agitation. You f***ing keep lying to me, she screams, adding a string of other expletives. The girlfriend of Michael Clarke is seen in a vir@l video slapping him in public.

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According to reports, Queensland park encounter between cricketer Michael Clarke and his current girlfriend Jade Yarbrough. after she learned that he had been having an extramarital affair. Former captain of the World Cup-winning team, Clarke. Jade can be heard yelling at Clarke in a video that has gone vir@l online, accusing him of having s#x with Pip Edwards in December 2022. In the video, Jade’s words can be heard.

When Jade suspects that he has cheated on her, Clarke encourages her to physically punish him while also making sporadic attempts to soothe her. It’s possible that Jade will occasionally be seen striking him twice. Witnesses caught the entire altercation on camera as it progressed from a verbal argument to a physical altercation in a public park. The conflict was seen by the witnesses as it developed from a verbal disagreement into a physical altercation.

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You want to travel to India with her, don’t you? On the video clip, Yarbrough can be heard yelling at Clarke. I’ve been monitoring the messages. You are the only person I want to share my life with, Pip. So, would you kindly accompany me to India? The classic movie has some fuzziness. The audio, however, allows you to clearly hear every aspect of the conflict.

In a video, Michael Clark’s girlfriend Jade Yarbrough can be seen striking him in the face repeatedly. Social media is giving it a lot of attention. She screams at him in pain, “You f***ing keep lying to me!” and continues to use foul language.

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