Friday, March 24, 2023

In a new statement, Google breaks its silence on the 1337 crore ($162 million) anticompetitive fine

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The Competition Commission of India (CCI) fined Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., Rs. 1337.76 crores ($161.95 million) in October for abusing its monopoly over Android. The CCI also asked Google to lift its ban on smartphone manufacturers pre-installing apps.

Because the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) refused to grant a stay, the Supreme Court agreed on January 11 to hear Google’s appeal for a hearing on the delay CCI issued a further Rs 1,337 crore penalty order on January 16. Follow For More Updates at

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Google has now issued a statement in advance of the court proceedings, allowing users and stakeholders to fully comprehend the gravity of the issues at hand. According to the company, the CCI’s antitrust decision “deals a blow” to ecosystem-wide initiatives to accelerate digital technology adoption in the country.

With more people going online, Google believes that its open-source and free Android platform is critical to lowering cell phone costs and accelerating India’s digital transformation. Regarding the app issue, Google states:

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Google also addressed the availability of Play Services APIs to OEMs, app developers, and competitors for the development of forked Android versions in response to CCI remarks. Google claims that the CCI-mandated Android fixes will put users’ online privacy and safety at risk. According to the company:

“Devices built on incompatible ‘forks’ would prevent Google from securing those devices, as these versions will not support the security and user safety features that Google provides. In the absence of robust and consistent security upgrades, users of those devices will be vulnerable to cybercrime, bugs, and malware, which is especially concerning for the millions of new internet users who are especially vulnerable.”

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