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Love for Selena Gomez? Images of the singer and the producer Andrea on a yacht went viral

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Because she is back with a man, Selene Gomez is once again making headlines. Selena’s past relationships have proved that when Andrea begins dating someone, her fans go berserk. Selena’s admirers have always been interested in learning about her love life. A Disney star who became a singer has a sizable fan base, and they are eagerly awaiting her romantic union. Selena is now a business owner; lately, she has been devoting more of her time to her specialised beauty line and less time to being photographed. However, she has recently begun seeing a member of her squad, and it appears that the star is also enjoying men. Tell us what actually occurred and the reason the web rumour is circulating.

Has Selena Gomez found love?

She kept her relationship discreet and kept her life private after her dating adventures and heartbreaks, such as when she broke up with Justin Bieber and when she dated The Weeknd and then broke up with him, so that the media wouldn’t bother her. After some while, Selena’s romantic histories changed as gossip about her circulated. Because there are rumours that the two of them are more than just buddies, many have started to ship them. Neither Andrea nor Selena have addressed the rumour or declared their love. Someone close to Selena claimed that she had never been in a relationship despite the fact that they remained silent to one another.

Is Selena Gomez dating Andrea, who is a producer?

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Selena, according to those who know her well, is single at the moment and is instead concentrating on her work. Selena is honest about love, according to the insider, and she is joyful right now on all levels—physically, psychologically, and emotionally. She might not be looking to date right now, but she could start dating later if she wants to. Selena is currently living with Canadian-Italian film producer and entrepreneur Andrea Lervolino. He began by producing The Cavalier of Love, a film that was released in 2003 in Italy. His film The Humbling had its world premiere at the 71st Venice International Film Festival in 2014.

Love for Selena Gomez? Images of the singer and the producer Andrea on a yacht went viral

Who Was Andrea?

This film, which Andrea contributed to, was his first to be produced in the United States. He produced “The Dubious Battle” later in 2016, and Selena co-starred in it. He and Selena have grown closer friends since then, and they still do. Good friends Andrea and Selena celebrated their respective 30th birthdays on the same day. Andrea was spotted dancing with Selena and giving her a forehead kiss, which her admirers and internet users might have misinterpreted. Selena’s close pal, however, said that they are not romantically involved. Selena has previously expressed her desire to wed, settle down, and have kids in an interview.

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