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HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2 Review: It’s Truly Versatile!

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We’ve reviewed many tablets over the years, but none have come close to this one, the HUAWEI Matepad Pro 13.2 inches. This is not your typical tablet, but rather a laptop for productivity and gaming, and when paired with this Nearlink pen, the writing and drawing experience is unrivaled.

It has a screen-to-body ratio of 3:2, or 94%. This 2.8K 1000 nits peak brightness OLED screen boasts amazing visuals and viewing angles, and the brightness and 144Hz refresh rate are both very impressive. Follow satiknews for latest updates

The Body and the Screen

This tablet’s first impression was that it is truly a remarkable product; it is 5.5mm thick and weighs only 580g, making it far thinner and lighter than a Macbook Air, as well as thinner than other foldable phones on the market. We chose the green hue, which, like the Mate 60 Pro, is really pleasant.

However, if you place it on the table for writing and drawing, the change is so noticeable that you will immediately notice how fantastic the viewing angle is. This Matepad Pro boasts a 262PPI screen and also supports P3 wide color gamut, therefore it outperforms the iPad Pro in terms of screen quality.

The anti-glare performance on this tablet is also the best; when we put the tablet and some other goods side by side, you can clearly notice the screen has very little reflection when the light falls on them. As a result, if you need to use the tablet outside, this will be really useful. Aside from that, a good screen should have a lot of work done to it, which will naturally make you want to work on it a lot.

Now, the bezels on either side are equal and incredibly tiny; if you’ve read a lot of tablet evaluations, you’ll enjoy such a remarkable thin bezel. There is a distinct difference between it and the iPad mini we have here. This tablet has also done a good job of preventing unwanted touch at the edges, which occurs when you hold the tablet in one hand while operating on it with the other.


Many individuals are skeptical of using a tablet for work since it could end up seeming like another iPad in the corner of the room. However, not for this tablet! There is a really fantastic keyboard that goes perfectly with it; it connects to the tablet via Bluetooth and has its own battery inside, so you can just pull it out, place it anywhere, and use it as a true wireless keyboard. And because it lacks a contact pin, even when attached to the tablet, it remains a wireless keyboard, which is quite creative.

Another noteworthy feature is the enormous touchpad, which is not only large but also provides superb response. When compared to some of the poorer touchpads on the market, or even some on Windows laptops, the tactile feedback is really satisfying, and you can click anywhere, including the two upper corners. Well, for tracking, I would say they are better than others, but they still have a very tiny lag or moving, which if you can get used to, shouldn’t be a problem.

The other side of the keyboard is used for protection and as a stand. It is also quite thin and light, and it fits snugly against the tablet. If you wish to have a comfortable viewing angle, tilt it back to 45 degrees, which is simple. However, if you are tall, sitting on a high chair, or need to be in the creator mode, a more power is required to push it further. Once in place, the resistance within the hinge is strong enough to keep it highly stable. I believe that is yet another well-thought-out design.

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App Assistance

Another factor that prevents individuals from adopting tablets as workstations is app support, which is typically inadequate for smaller screens. However, because this tablet has a 13.2-inch screen, it can perform all of those functions as well. HUAWEI has put a lot of effort into HarmonyOS in order to smoothly integrate the software experience.

At this point, you may use Bluetooth to connect it to a mouse for a more laptop-like UI and UX. Take this WPS as an example; the button layout is identical to that of a laptop, however it is smaller and more spread out on a standard tablet, making working on documents and files much more straightforward. There are also several additional apps, such as the CAJviewer, that have PC-like versions. Please keep in mind that certain apps only work in specific places, so you may have different ones.

Unlike some note applications that simply allow for simple input, HUAWEI designed this feature Note app to be used for a variety of purposes. If you take a lot of notes or draw a lot, you know you need a good pen, and this M-Pencil with Nearlink innovation integrated in works great with the tablet. It supports 10000 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is far higher than the previous generation. Then, if you want to write, use the white tip, which has a dampening effect that makes writing feel more like it’s on real paper.

Othe Characteristics

We haven’t discussed much about the hardware and specs because the features we stated give you a very clear picture of how competent it is, and that is the fantastic aspect of a top-tier product: you never have to worry about anything, ever!

But I suppose I should list them here first. You can also leave a comment below to let us know what you’re worried about, and we’ll try our best to respond.

We haven’t seen such a capable tablet/laptop in a long time; this is a 13.2-inch workstation with optimized functionality and programs for a variety of uses. There are some limitations to app diversity, to be sure, but HUAWEI has put a lot of effort into the basics, making the keyboard, pencil, note app, and so on far better than most. If you own a HUAWEI phone, then Matepad Pro will be an excellent companion for your job and daily life.

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