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How Did Leo Rex Pass Away? Cause of Death: Description

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Leo Rex, a well-known American YouTuber who specialised in films about men’s health, was found dead on January 30, 2023, in a Pattaya apartment in Thailand.

Leo, who has more than 124K subscribers, posted unconventional content on his channel that focused on giving advise to viewers to enhance their physical and emotional well-being, especially for men. To learn more about Leo Rex, what happened to him, how he died, what caused his death, police statements, tributes, and a tonne of other things you should check out, keep reading the post. Follow For More Updates at

Who was Leo Rex?

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On January 26, police discovered Leo Rex, also known as Laith Abdallah Algaz, at his broken-into Pattaya flat. The YouTube channel for the health vlogger was called Leo and Longevity. Authorities say he was found face down, naked save for a black shirt, gushing from his nose and lips, and bruised around his left eye.

In order to learn more about a recent event, police have been looking through a property. In addition, a person is undergoing an autopsy. As more information becomes available, it will be added to this story as appropriate. Track the most recent advancements in this ongoing investigation.

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According to reports, marijuana was discovered in combination with several other medications, including antidepressants, steroids, antibiotics, prescription medication for bipolar disorder, anxiety medications, sleeping pills, and antidepressants.

Leo Rex Death Reason

On January 30, 2023, Leo Rex, the creator of the Leo & Longevity YouTube channel, was found dead. According to the authorities, the YouTuber was found face down, beaten over his left eye, and bleeding from his lips and nose.

According to the Pattaya Police, Leo Rex’s body has been taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death. At this point, it was still unclear why the person had died. Investigators said that when he was identified by authorities, he had been deceased for around five hours and had some blood on his mouth and nose.

Viewers might learn about specific diet drugs, bodybuilding methods, and other exercises from Leo Rex’s videos. However, the most popular of his videos was by far the one about growing the penis. He explained in detail how he lengthened his physique organically by using weights and a pumping machine. He offered useful tips on medicines and staying in shape, making him a complete package for gym visitors and fitness fanatics.

Although the late fitness enthusiast frequently took part in podcast-style videos with related lifestyle channels, Algaz’s own monologues were frequently featured in the videos on the Leo And Longevity channel.

The sensitive topic of penis enlargement, a treatment that is vehemently discouraged by medical organisations, was the subject of the most watched movies on the channel, four of which received more than 100,000 views.

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