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How did Jennell Jaquays, a game designer, Pass away?

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Famous for her extraordinary abilities as a writer, designer, and artist, Jennell Jaquays made a lasting impression and had a big impact on upcoming artists and designers in the video game industry.

Her renowned contributions to a variety of fields, including video game development and Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) design, cemented her reputation as an inspiration and role model for many aspiring innovators. Here is all we know about Jennell Jaquay’s cause of death, career highlights, and her passing.

Who was Jennell Jaquays?

During her undergraduate years, Jennell Jaquays, whose real name is Paul Jaquays, developed a strong passion for science fiction, fantasy gaming, and role-playing games. She was born in Michigan on October 14, 1956. Notably, her first move into the gaming industry was co-founding The Dungeoneer, a groundbreaking fanzine that offered adventures for Game Masters.

Throughout his storied career, Jaquays made major contributions to D&D modules including Caverns of Thracia and Dark Tower. She designed classic video games for Coleco’s home arcade system, such as Donkey Kong and Pac-Man, as part of her varied portfolio. Her creative abilities were demonstrated in critically praised video games such as Quake II, Age of Empires, and Quake III Arena.

Jennell Jaquays Death Reason

Jennell Jaquays, a well-known person in the gaming community, passed away tragically from cardiac arrest, which was the last stage of her protracted fight with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Jennell Jaquays Death Reason

Her unusual and severe neurological condition had robbed her of most of her body’s capabilities, leaving her bedridden and severely disabled. The goal of Rebecca Heineman’s GoFundMe was to lessen the unanticipated financial strain of significant medical bills Jaquays had to pay during his difficult medical journey.

Renowned in the gaming community, Jaquays faced difficult health issues that ultimately led to her death on January 10, 2024. She battled Guillain-Barré syndrome, a crippling illness that left her bedridden and largely paralyzed, robbing her of the use of her body, until her death, according to accounts.

Jennell Jaquays Career in Game Design

As a fantasy artist, Jaquays created well-known images, most famously the Dragon Mountain cover for TSR. Her creative vision was shared by several game companies, including West End Games, Chaosium, GDW, and others, for whom she created graphics and concepts. Her inventiveness even inspired deck layouts and spacecraft models for game add-ons.

With his role as director of game design at Coleco and his subsequent contributions to Ensemble Studios and ID Software projects, Jaquays achieved great success in the video game business. She co-founded SMU’s renowned video game education program, The Guildhall, and was instrumental in the development of the Dragon Dice game.

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