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How Did Charles Villiers Die? Camilla’s Distant Cousin Kills Himself after 8-Year Divorce Battle

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Who was Charles Villiers?

The divorce of Charles Villiers and Emma Villiers has been one of the most well-known, contentious, and protracted divorce cases in British history. Charles and Emma divorced in 2012, although news of the situation only became public in 2014. The case has been one of the most contentious and talked-about divorce cases in all of Britain since the year 2014. The couple’s major disagreement was over whether their divorce should be handled in an English court or a Scottish court. The court battle in the divorce case lasted for around eight years. Twenty judges and five courts heard the case. Follow for latest updates..

Charles Villiers Cause of Death

According to reports, Emma was the subject of a police investigation at one point because of accusations that she had committed bigamy. However, following their inquiry, the police investigators later threw out these accusations. According to sources, there was no proof to refute the accusations of bigamy against her. According to earlier reports, Charles Villiers went bankrupt throughout this litigation and was living on a sofa after suffering significant financial losses. Charles Villiers allegedly has been residing aboard a yacht for some time, according to reports. It wasn’t Charles’ yacht; it belonged to one of his friends. Earlier in August, he spent time living aboard his friend’s yacht in the Greek islands.

How Did Charles Villiers Die? Camilla’s Distant Cousin Kills Himself after 8-Year Divorce Battle

Death Reason

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Charles was having serious mental health problems, so his friend bought him a ticket to return to the UK so he could seek some mental health care. When Charles Villiers passed away, he was 59 years old. Charles Villiers was discovered dead in a Durrants Hotel room. His demise was discovered by housekeeping personnel. On Thursday, August 18, his lifeless body was discovered in the Durrants hotel in London. While Emma relocated to England and sought to keep the divorce system in English courts with English law and order, Charles contended that since he and his ex-wife Emma lived in Scotland, they should resolve their divorce case in a Scottish court. Follow on Twitter

Although the court ruled that Charles is bankrupt and is no longer obligated to pay the settlement sum, Emma sought a 3.5 million dollar financial compensation from him. The inquiry into this incident is ongoing, and we are awaiting police officials’ reports. Stay tuned with us for the most recent information, news, and updates from both domestic and foreign sources.

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