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How Did Cartoonist and Comic Strip Creator Chris Browne Pass Away?

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We regret to inform you that on February 5th, Chris Browne, an American cartoonist and comic strip creator, passed away. From 1989 to 2023, Browne co-wrote and illustrated the King Features Syndicate comic strip Hägar the Horrible. Let’s examine his life and work as well as the tributes that he received after passing from individuals all across the world. Continue to read.

Who was Chris Browne?

Author: Christopher K. Browne Chris Browne was born in South Orange, New Jersey, on May 16, 1952, and was raised in the Wilton neighbourhood of Wilton, Connecticut. He was Chance Browne’s brother and the cartoonist Dik Browne’s son. Before eventually taking over full artistic responsibilities for Hägar in 1989, he helped his father with the comic strips Hi and Lois and Hägar the Horrible. Hägar became one of the most adored comic strips in America thanks to his distinctive artistic style.

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His death is thought to have been brought on by long-term sickness issues. Fans from all around the world sent tributes after learning of his peaceful departure in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They expressed their sorrow at his loss and honoured him for giving joy to so many people via his work. Many people talked on how much they loved reading his books as children or how it still makes them happy.

Chris Browne Death Reason

Both those who intimately knew Browne and others who cherished reading his writing over the years will sadly miss him. Hägar, one of America’s most cherished comic strips that continues to delight readers even after its tragic creator’s passing, became one of the most popular thanks to his distinctive artistic style. We express our sincere condolences to his family at this trying time and are grateful to him for making us laugh for so many years with his incredible artwork! Chris, rest in peace! Follow For More Updates at

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When we learned that our friend Chris Browne, a.k.a. Hagar The Horrible, had passed away, we were deeply devastated. Despite the fact that I hadn’t seen him recently, we had been friends for more than 30 years. Here are some pictures: The first was an early 1990s journey to the United Kingdom by a group of cartoonists. Bunny Hoest, Frank Springer, Daryl Cagle, Arnie Roth, Mell Lazarus, and the Brownes joined me at our hotel in London. In the second picture, Chris is pictured with Joe and Luke at The Reuben Awards in Washington, DC, around the same time.

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