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Who Was Amr Zayed Dead By Suicide On Facebook Live Stream Video, 31 Years Old Egyptian Father-Of-Two Dead!

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Recently, a man from Egypt broadcasted his suicide on his live stream and other social media accounts, including Facebook. The 31-year-old killed himself while streaming live. Amr Zayed, who was eventually identified as the individual, According to reports, inhaled two aluminum phosphide tablets, popularly known as grain tablets in Egypt. In Egypt, they are employed as pesticides to safeguard crops from insects and other pests. Police are attempting to determine the true cause of this behavior and the man’s suicide. His cousins ran over to him, took him to the hospital for emergency care, and did everything they could to prevent him from passing away. is where you go for the most recent developments.

Amr Zayed’s Facebook Live Stream Video of his Suicide

The medical team examined his pulse and heartbeat as they got to the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital, he was already dead because the drugs were considerably more potent than expected and instantly killed him. According to accounts, after an altercation and some family disputes with his maternal uncle regarding the property inheritance, Amr Zayed tried to take his own life due to feelings of unfairness and denial. His wife Al Youm originally told the Egyptian newspaper Al Masry about this. His wife further stated that due to all of the ongoing family troubles, her husband was experiencing mental instability. He was caught up in a contentious fight between his uncles about property succession.

Who Was Amr Zayed Dead By Suicide On Facebook Live Stream Video, 31 Years Old Egyptian Father-Of-Two Dead!

Who Was Amr Zayed? Wife & Funeral

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After he passed away, a letter from Zayed was discovered in his chamber in which he detailed all the hardships he had had and the injustice he felt toward himself over his rights. Additionally, he said that no one had put a stop to his life’s adventure. He is now prepared to go to God and will be happy there rather than being a misery here because it was all him. Amr Zayed wife claimed that his letter included everyone who had ever made him unhappy, falsely accused him of something, or otherwise treated him unfairly. He also requested them to avoid his household and his family. Now, additional questioning would have taken place, and the offenders would have faced punishment.

Facebook video of an Egyptian father-of-two who live streams his suicide death

Because of the family member’s persistent pressure, he frequently experienced mental breakdowns. He has been severely beaten by them, and they have leveled numerous false accusations against him. She claimed that they were to blame for his mental collapse. These family problems had a profound impact on his children, Basmala and Mohammed, who are not worthy of this kind of environment. She pleaded for her husband’s justice and sought severe punishment for those responsible for her family’s and her husband’s suffering. She continued by saying that Zayed was robbed of his mother’s inheritable fortune by her husband’s uncle.

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