Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Full fitting room viral CCTV footage from the H&M store in Malaysia

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While many customers who also visited that store have spoken out. While it is located in Malaysia, this store is a H&M store. The business took images of women and girls, which were then posted online on questionable websites.

As these movies were marketed on the MeWe application, the woman with the Twitter handle Meleisgw said online that she discovered the images online. She added that women who were unaware of it were coming in and changing their clothes in the store as those movies were being purchased online. Follow For More Updates at satiknews.com

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The information quickly circulated like wildfire, and this information was eventually reported. People who visited the business came forth online, and those who saw the recordings also came forward.

The woman melesigw said that indecent videos of women accessing the dark side of applications were being used by the store and were being circulated online. The woman who reported the problem posted screenshots of those films online while pointing out that they were obviously taken from an angle where she is unable to see the camera. Such an act is deplorable and is frequently discussed online.

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The store, which was later questioned by Malaysian authorities, issued a statement in which it expressed regret and apologised for any inconvenience the store may have caused. They stated that the police are looking into the matter and would soon identify the person or people responsible for the event. While the shop also stated that they were looking forward to resolving the case, the police were also checking the establishment. While the business owners were unaware of the mention of the camera inside the changing room, there was great turmoil on the internet as well-known brands like H and M were drawn into it. For the latest news, follow us on Twitter

When a woman learned that the store had utilised a camera to take indecent photos of the girls or women changing inside of their changing room and posted them online, the store came under fire. The post and the incident went famous across all social media platforms once the woman who discovered the photographs online reported it, and soon it was known throughout Malaysia as well. After the images and the issue were posted online, the internet was inundated with messages and derogatory remarks.

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