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Four months later, is the Google Pixel 6a still worthwhile to purchase in India?

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It has been a little over four months since the Google Pixel 6a first entered the Indian market. The Pixel 6a, which went on sale in July for Rs 43,999, is the least expensive Pixel phone currently offered by Google. Despite this, many Indian Pixel fans thought the phone’s launch pricing was a little higher than anticipated, especially in light of the Pixel 4a’s launch price of Rs 29,999. Google quickly (sort of) reduced the price of the phone around the Diwali sale, which suggests that the corporation was aware of the pricing error. The Pixel 6a (review) is currently available on Flipkart for Rs 29,999. For More Updates at

One may assume that now since the Pixel 6a is priced at roughly Rs 30,000, it makes more sense to purchase the gadget than it did when it first became available. We checked in on the Pixel 6a again this week to see how it had held up (even though four months hardly counts as old!) and to help you decide whether or not to buy the device at the moment.

What is effective with the Google Pixel 6a

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One thing that favours the Google Pixel 6a is undoubtedly its design. Due to its striking resemblance to its more expensive brothers, the Pixel 6 series, the device has a luxury appearance. As you may know, Google doesn’t formally offer the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in India, thus you receive the Pixel 6a. And it’s not a bad deal, especially when you’re getting a phone with a premium appearance for only Rs 30,000. Around the Diwali sale, the company dropped the phone’s price quickly (kind of). The Pixel 6a (review) is currently available on Flipkart for Rs 29,999.

The Pixel 6a is incredibly ergonomic, with a weight of about 178 grammes and a rear glass panel with curved corners, making it comfortable to carry every day. It looks distinctively different from other phones in its pricing range because to the rear camera visor and general design. So the Pixel 6a is unquestionably a worthwhile purchase right now if you’re searching for a cosy and fashionable phone for under Rs 30,000.

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The Pixel 6a’s Tensor chipset is capable of executing routine tasks with ease. Lags or slowdowns won’t be an issue for you while you go about your day. The Pixel 6a maintains its cool when using social networking apps, switching between programmes, working on emails, etc.

The ability of the Pixel phone to take photos is one of the primary reasons consumers choose it. Google has improved its computational photography over time to make sure Pixel phones produce high-quality images. That is largely accurate for the Pixel 6a. The smartphone’s 12.2MP main camera can take decent-quality, dynamic range images in good lighting conditions. With a strong colour balance of human subjects and competent edge detection, portrait photographs also appear decent. The Pixel 6a is a decent camera phone in general, but it isn’t significantly better than what the competition (like the Nothing Phone 1) has to offer.

The stock Android experience that a Pixel phone provides is another benefit of owning one. The gadget came pre-installed with Android 12, however it may now be updated to Android 13. You won’t immediately notice many new features because the most recent Android version doesn’t differ all that much from its forerunner. Having said that, you receive an uncluttered, user-friendly Android UI. If you’re curious about upcoming OS updates, the Pixel 6a will undoubtedly receive Android 14 and 15 as well as up to five years’ worth of security updates.

What is ineffective for the Pixel 6a

While the Pixel 6a’s OLED display appears to be brilliant and vibrant, there are a few minor concerns that will certainly be brought up. The first is that the bezels of a phone from 2022 are thicker than they ought to be. Even if you can get over that, you will undoubtedly be let down by the phone’s 60Hz refresh rate. Phones with 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rates are available at this price bracket, allowing for better scrolling and animations. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

The Pixel 6a’s battery life and charging time both leave a lot to be desired. If you only use the phone for calls, chats, and email browsing, it can easily get you through a full day. The phone will require a recharge at the end of the day if there is significantly heavier usage, which includes streaming video and playing games. The Pixel 6a charges slowly at barely 18W and takes approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes to fully charge the device from 0% to 100%, which makes issues worse. Oh, and the box does not include a charger.

Should you immediately get the Pixel 6a?

In India, right now is most likely the ideal moment to get the Pixel 6a. The Pixel 6a is a good option for anyone looking for a fashionable phone with stock Android, strong cameras, and slick performance, especially now that its price has dropped to Rs 30,999. However, after two to three months, we won’t advise purchasing the product because 2023 is predicted to usher in a plethora of new phones with greater hardware priced at about Rs 30,000. And if you don’t mind waiting a little longer, Google will likely release the Pixel 7a in late 2023, which is said to have significant improvements over the present model.

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