Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Former Japanese PM Abe was shot and left unconscious; a man is in custody

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Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister of Japan, was reported to have been shot in the chest on Friday during a political rally in the western city of Nara. Former Japanese PM Abe was shot and left unconscious. A man is in care reports from the national network NHK and local media. According to NHK. A man was detained at the scene after Abe, 67, seemed to have been shot in the chest. According to an NHK reporter, the suspect seemed to be a youthful or middle-aged male. Follow for latest updates.

Shinzo Abe Shot Updates

After the incident, Abe was taken to a hospital but was not aware. According to local firemen who were quoted by Kyodo News, he could have had a heart attack. Shootings are uncommon in Japan, which has some of the tightest firearms prohibitions among advanced economies.

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As investors instinctively sought safe havens after the news was announced, the yen rose with US Treasury bonds. At midday Tokyo time, the Japanese yen was trading 0.4 percent higher at about 135.50 per dollar. After hearing of Abe’s demise, Nikkei 225 futures lost their gains.

After six governments, including one in which Abe previously served. Japan had stability thanks to Abe’s record-breaking tenure as prime minister before he stepped down in 2020. He overcame a Trump administration that questioned the country’s sole military alliance, suffered a deflationary cycle. That Japan was trapped in, and attempted to mend relations with China, which were at their most hostile when he became in office.

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