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Dickson Lester: Who Was He? Student from Malawi University of Business found dead after going missing; what transpired?

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After the police began their investigation into a missing 25-year-old boy from Malawi, they were able to identify him among the others who had been found unconscious. According to reports, the child was discovered in the woods unresponsive and later declared dead by medical personnel.

The relatives of the young person, who had been reported missing for days, had earlier filed a missing person report. Eventually, his dead body was discovered in the woods. Dickson Lester, a young person who has since passed away, was recognised as the child. Stay tuned as we discuss details of both Leinster’s death and disappearance. Follow For More Updates at

Who was Dickson Lester?

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Lester committed suicide by ingesting poison, the police later explained. Lester took his own life, according to the police, as a result of dangers and failures he had experienced throughout his life. Lester committed suicide when he was 25 years old, taking his own life.

He had been absent ever since he learned that he was leaving the school where he was enrolled, and it was obvious that he was depressed. Lester, a third student from Malawi University, belonged to the business and applied science groups. He struggled academically and professionally while under stress, and the police explicitly mentioned this in their reports.

Dickson Lester Death Reason

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According to accounts, Lester vanished on December 23, 2022, and his family reported him missing. Lester was said to have died, and the medical personnel had reported this. When two women in the woods were gathering firewood, they discovered a person who was unconscious and reported it to the police. When authorities arrived, they recognised the man as none other than Lester. When Lester arrived at the adjacent hospital, the doctors there declared him already dead. The police reported that Lester was discovered on Saturday close to the mountain’s peak.

Dickson Lester Bio

Lester reportedly had stress as a result of failing 12 modules and four more disciplines, which caused him to withdraw from the institution. Lester went missing from his home at this time, worrying his family. Officers also reported that they were heartbroken when they discovered Lester dead and even more so when they learned that the young man had committed suicide. While the cops also emailed the family their prayers for the young person’s spirits, they also sent their condolences and concerns. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Dickson Lester went Missing, then was found Dead

Lester was discovered dead on December 24, 2022, said Cassim Manda, deputy spokesperson for the Dedza Police. He was reportedly transported to the Dedza hospital, where doctors declared him dead. The cause of the child’s death was being investigated, but now police have disclosed that their investigation is complete and they have a theory. Lester’s body underwent an open post-mortem investigation, which led the police to the conclusion that his hyper-pigmented organs had been damaged. Poisoning caused this to happen,

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