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Chrisean Rock Arrested, Why Was She Gets Arrested, Reason, Blueface’s Girlfriend Punching Him At Bar In Arizona!

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Chrisean Rock is reportedly in custody once more. Chrisean appears to be involved in numerous issues. She has been relatively active on Instagram, where she is well known for uploading images and videos while wearing various clothing labels. She is a model who is highly recognized for her appearances on several albums and brand products. Chrisean is a well-known Instagram personality who is well-known for both her modelling and her posts on the social media platform. Chrisean Rock may have lately been detained for theft and digging. Chrisean is pretty well-known on Instagram and actively promotes a lot of products there. Tell us more about the model’s arrest and the specifics of it.

Chrisean is renowned for participating in the Blueface’s only fans series and for recently fighting and losing her teeth. She lost her front teeth in the struggle. She was also mentioned by Blueface in both the top listing and the records. For the most recent developments, visit our website at!

Who Is Chrisean Rock?

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According to reports, Chrisean Rock was taken into custody on May 13th, 2022, in New Orleans as a result of an Oklahoma arrest warrant. Chrisean is being held captive at the Orleans Judicial Center, according to the municipal website. She was alleged to have engaged in other illicit deeds like drug sales and use in addition to stealing the automobile from Blueface. Chrisean was listed in Blueface’s records, as was previously mentioned; however, it is currently unclear whether or not they are connected to her case. Furthermore, it is unclear whether they are concerned with or interested in her issue and her involvement in the drug case. Another piece of information that was made public was that Chrisean had broken into Blueface’s home, stolen a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, and was later accused of stealing and distributing cocaine.

Is Chrisean Rock Arrested Again?

Chrisean Rock Arrested, Why Was She Gets Arrested, Reason

She allegedly broke into Blueface’s home with a large amount of cash and stole his automobile, according to Wack 100. Along with a car and illegal drug sales, Chrisean was also witnessed selling cocaine and was apprehended 1,700 miles from Oklahoma. Speaking of Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s connection, the two have been together, and Chrisean’s actions have angered the fans. The two’s breakup has angered their supporters as well. Their breakup in December of last year went unconfirmed, which disappointed her followers. Chrisean Rock stole Blueface’s automobile even earlier, for which Blueface slapped Chrisean.

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All Charges & Allegations Explained

Chrisean had a difficult childhood, her father served time in prison, and her mother was a heroin addict, according to Blueface. Regarding their relationship, the two were content one with the other. Chrisean used to sob in front of Blueface every single day, according to Blueface. The two exchanged images and videos, and not too long ago, they even shared footage of themselves ice skating. Chrisean has been active on Instagram since 2015. She used to create dance and music, which is also Blueface’s work. After the fighting, they did not reunite. Chrisean was born on March 14, 2000, and as of right now, she is 21 years old. She comes from a large family and is one of her mother’s eleven children.

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