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Subway Death in Philadelphia: Chaz Wearing Charged Following Battle at Septa Station

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A tragic occurrence occurred at the Philadelphia SEPTA station where a man was killed in a struggle. During the altercation, the victim reportedly fell down the tracks and was struck by a subway train.

Questioner: Chaz Wearing

After being taken into custody, the suspect—40-year-old Chaz Wearing—was accused with involuntary manslaughter. Wearing is thought to be homeless because he supposedly doesn’t have an established residence. He is currently facing an open strangulation case in Delaware, which has put him on bench warrant, which further complicates his legal situation.

Following the deadly event at the SEPTA station, Wearing was taken into custody on Thursday night. His allegations were made public by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office on Friday. Given the suspect’s current warrant status, involuntary manslaughter may not be the only accusations that are ongoing against him.

The Charges and Arrest

According to the incident’s details, Wearing and the victim got into a fight that quickly turned physical. The other man was allegedly struck by Wearing twice, sending him flying across the tracks and into the path of an approaching train.

This example serves as a sobering reminder of the risks that might exist in public areas as well as the catastrophic outcomes that can arise from heated disputes.

Many questions remain as law enforcement pursues its probe. What conditions gave rise to this deadly altercation? How many charges will there be against Wearing in total? And what steps are going to be made to ensure that such catastrophes don’t happen again?

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