Friday, March 24, 2023

Cardi B and Offset Dispel J Prince’s Gang Threat Accusations: The Real Story

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The conflict between Offset and J Prince on social media keeps getting worse. After Rap-A-Lot CEO claimed he aided Cardi B when she was threatened by gang members in Los Angeles, Cardi B has responded. He attacked Offset in a new video he shared on Instagram, saying the Migos member had repeatedly asked for his assistance, including in 2018. Follow For More Updates at

when she appearing to criticise the Crips in an Instagram caption, Cardi B got gang threats. J Prince called Offset, adding fuel to the fire. Do you recall when you phoned me and asked me to meet with you in Los Angeles because you were concerned about your wife’s performance because she had mentioned the flu?

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Did you overlook? J Prince mentioned a few things in the video. On the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, where he, J Prince Jr., and Mike Prince appeared to clear their names of rumours surrounding Takeoff’s death, J Prince was the one who originally called Offset out. Prince threatened Offset in the closing moments of his interview. According to some rumours, Takeoff’s death outside a private party in Houston may have been caused by someone within J Prince’s group or might have been avoided. Backlash has been directed at the Million Dollaz Worth of Game cohosts as a result of Prince’s recent interview with Gillie and Wallo.

Offset and J Prince’s social media beef has gotten worse in recent days. Cardi B has reacted to Rap-A-Lot CEO’s assertions that he defended her against gang threats in Los Angeles. On February 8, J Prince shared a new video on Instagram in which he called out Offset and accused him of repeatedly begging for his help, including the time when Cardi B received gang threats after appearing to criticise the Crips in the caption of an Instagram photo in 2018.

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You recall that time I travelled to Los Angeles for a meeting because you were concerned that your wife may mention the flu when she was performing? Did you overlook? Several of J Prince’s claims are made in the video. A MESSAGE TO THE MAN THAT’S OFF is what he tagged his post. My message to those of you who continue to put beliefs above feelings is that everything will be fine. Since media snobs live off of garbage, there is no purpose in worrying about them. We live on different worlds and breathe different air, if you get what I mean.

I won’t show my friendship and commitment to them as long as they aren’t deserving of it. I don’t think I’ve ever bullied somebody or used my power to hurt someone who was weak. No matter what you hear, it’s cap. I’m not one of those people, so my family doesn’t have to keep their heads down when my name is spoken. Please excuse me while I deal with these morons because I’m sorry, I can’t tell them the truth the way I will.

After a Twitter user brought up J Prince’s comments shortly after, Cardi B responded. NEVER demand receipts from him. Why would he be summoned for anything that involves chips when there was just Wack [100] and Big U present? She tweeted a tonne of fairy tales in a since-deleted post. Offset responded to the post and also refuted J Prince’s charges. Prince, J. Prince Jr., and Mike Prince appeared to clear their reputations of rumours that were allegedly associated with Takeoff’s death in a recent episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game. Prince threatened Offset in the closing moments of the conversation.

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