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BTS’s J-Hope Information on Jack in the Box products, including where to buy, a list of all the items

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Recently, J-hope of BTS released a unique clothing line based on the concept and artwork of his solo album, Jack In The Field, to mark the occasion of its release. J-hope received a lot of attention for his novel and unheard-of aspect because he was the first to begin his solo mission on June 15, 2022, following a brief respite.

J-Jack Hope’s In The Field products stand out because of the extensive variety of stylish and practical items they include. Beginning on July 15, a selection of the artist’s works will be available for purchase through the Reverse Store.

BTS's J-Hope Information on Jack in the Box products, including where to buy, a list of all the items

Unpacking BTS J-unique Hope’s Jack in the Field items

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Before BTS released Hope’s of Jack In The Field, the singer of Rooster Noodle Soup developed his line of Jack in the Field songs known as “Hope in the Field,” inspired by his solo album.

Faith in a Field

This product, which showcases the album by j-hope, skillfully incorporates the words of the songs MORE and ARSON. The singer’s distinctive personality is captured in the first piece of apparel, which draws influence from the Okay-pop idol.

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The track’s melody, Music Field: Reflection, served as the source of inspiration for Hope In The Field, according to BTS’ j-hope. Two photocards and seven graphic playing cards are also included. The products are $51.09 in total. Only a maximum of two items may be purchased by followers, and due to COVID-19 restrictions, delivery times may vary.

shabby t-shirt

Hope of J In response to his song, BTS made a t-shirt with an aggressive appearance. The neckline, shoulder line, sleeves, and hem all have modern, intricately designed broken markings that give the garment a cool, classic appearance. The “ARSON” typeface on the entry gives the garment a projecting appearance thanks to a woven label that is placed onto the hem. It is worth $54.81.

crop t-shirt

On the next page, a collage of MORE pictures is presented. Parts of the song’s lyrics are embroidered on the seam that joins the neckline and body at the entrance. This attire is perfect for everyday use and works well for outdoor activities. The cost of the item is $39.01.

Candle flames

The interesting candle releases alluring scents, with a base note of woody musk blended with vanilla, a middle note of spicy balsam and delicate jasmine, and a top note of powdery perfume. On the lid of the holder, the word “BURN” has been etched to represent physically the concept of the title song, “ARSON.” The item is priced at $36.23.

A box of matches

The candle and matchbox will probably be used together. The field stands out thanks to its brilliant pink and striking black and white accent colours. The field contains a set of 20 matchsticks with checkboard designs on them. The item has a $6.50 price tag.

fabric poster

The poster represents a novel way to appreciate j-individual hope’s artistic vision on a larger scale. It is printed with a size that exceeds a metre and in a huge measurement. It has loops on the top to help hanging the poster simpler. It can be folded to increase its portability or used as an interior decoration element. The cost of each item was $39.01.

Jack Locket

The hat that BTS member j-hope is wearing on the Jack In The Field album left an impression on the unique keyring. In order to give the keyring a classic appearance, the performer ties it to a ball chain.

The keyring is useful if one wants to hang it on a backpack, a key, or a belt loop. On the front and back of the keychain, respectively, are printed the words “MORE” and “JACK IN THE BOX.” The cost of the item is $12.07.

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