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Branson Oliver: Who Was He? Tributes Are Due In 27 Days After Cornhole Champion Died

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Cause of Death: On January 10, 2024, at the age of 27, the lively and ardent cornhole player Branson Oliver lost suddenly in a heartbreaking turn of events. Oliver’s pals verified the news, sharing the heartbreaking facts of the accident that happened in Piedmont’s Golden Springs Area the day before.

On January 9, 2024, along the 900 block of Golden Springs Road, Branson Oliver and an 18-wheeler truck collided, according to Anniston Star reports. Oliver was tragically catapulted from his car by the impact of the accident, and he was declared dead at the scene just after midnight.

Branson Oliver Death Reason

Friends and supporters of Branson Oliver used social media to offer their condolences as word of his tragic passing spread. Oliver’s close friend Luke Ferguson posted a moving remembrance on Facebook, emphasizing the close relationship the two of them had developed over the years. Their relationship extended beyond cornhole, as they had daily discussions covering a wide range of topics. In Ferguson’s homage, Oliver was seen as a best friend and nearly a brother in addition to being a cornhole partner.

He said Oliver gave him some of the best experiences he could have ever dreamed and taught him how to travel and have fun. A carousel of pictures that highlighted the priceless memories they had made together was also included in the Facebook post. The note from Luke Ferguson demonstrated how close he was to Branson Oliver.

From being cornhole teammates, their friendship had developed into an unbreakable bond. Oliver left a lasting impression on everyone around him with his capacity to make people laugh and smile in any circumstance. Oliver’s influence went well beyond the cornhole community, as friends lamented the passing of a colorful spirit.

Branson Oliver Death Reason

The Personal Life and Career of Branson Oliver

One of Branson Oliver’s life’s journeys was academic; he earned a degree in occupational safety and health from Jacksonville State University. His decision to work for Honda Manufacturing after graduating from college demonstrated his dedication to promoting workplace safety.

For Branson Oliver, cornhole was more than just a game; it was a love that influenced a big portion of his life. During high school, Oliver was introduced to the game by friends and parents. He soon became proficient and took part in local competitions, including the fundraising event for the Central Alabama Cornhole Club.

Oliver has notable success in cornhole, winning titles including the State Double Cornhole Championship and the National Collegiate Double Cornhole Championship, and raising over $65,000 for charity causes through the game. In 2016, Oliver was named Player of the Year. His skill even got him featured on ESPN, giving him further exposure. Beyond his championship victories, Branson Oliver left a lasting impression by displaying a dedication to changing the world for the better.

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