Friday, March 24, 2023

Betty Kyalo’s video quickly went viral and gained popularity on Social Media

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A rumoured video of a Kenyan media figure went famous on the internet, putting that individual in the spotlight. According to the reports, the video features a Kenyan media celebrity named Betty Kyalo.

Betty Kyalo is well-known in Kenya since she has previously been in the news and in trouble. According to reports, this video rapidly became famous on the internet, and once it was posted, many people mocked Betty for the video and criticised her. Follow For More Updates at

Betty Kyalo Video

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Despite the fact that the video is freely available online, stay tuned for additional details regarding this well-known media figure Betty Kyalo’s internet video. Betty was already well-known in Kenya before her video went famous. Betty is well-known for her bravery and ability to overcome obstacles. She is well-known in the community. Most people associate her with the Kenya TV network, where she rose to prominence.

She began as an intern and rose through the ranks to become the news anchor for the 9 p.m. broadcast. She has also begun working for K24 News. Previously, she interviewed and questioned celebrities on the Kenya TV Network. She left television in 2021 to launch BK Salons, a hair salon. Even if her salon is still operational in 2022, she gets a job on the programme max show.

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