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Bajrakitiyabha: Is He Dead? Sensational Thai Princess Collapse Video

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The sudden collapse of one of the revered members of the Thai royal family shocked everyone deeply. Reports claim that the Thai princess has passed out. The tragedy happened in broad daylight on December 14, 2022. The people and the royal family are in complete disbelief that the princess is the only successor to the Thai royal line. For More Updates at

Is Bajrakitiyabha Dead?

The princess is known by the moniker Princess Bajrakitiyabha. When the catastrophe befell the princess, she was 44 years old. The princess reportedly passed out while walking her dog in the national park, according to reports. The national park is known as Khao Yai national park. The strange secrecy of the royal family on this matter has been the subject of numerous texts online. There are many rumours about the princess’s whereabouts on social media.

Explanation of the Bajrakitiyabha Death Rumors Hoax

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CPR was attempted for an hour but failed, according to reports from the witness on the scene. The princess was subsequently transported to Bangkok, where we have heard indications that she is being kept alive by an ECMO machine. Which means she is currently alive thanks to technology. Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendra Debyavati is her full name.

The princess is almost asleep. On Wednesday, the statement was made public. Regarding the princess’s passing, there has been no confirmation as of yet. The princess reportedly had a pre-existing cardiac ailment, according to reports. The princess liked animals, and she was preparing her favourite dogs for the Thailand Working dog competition, which is run by the Royal Thai army. The occasion was slated to

How did Bajrakitiyabha fare?

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On December 19th, 2022, the king and the princess’s father flew directly to their destination in a helicopter. The princess suffered a heart attack when she was a very little girl. Princess was just 44 years old. According to reports, the princess is now kept alive by machines, and it could take months before her passing is officially announced because it will have a significant influence on Thailand’s monarchy. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Latest News & Health Condition of Bajrakitiyabha

The princess is also referred to in Thai as Princess Baa. It was expected the princess would be the next successor or would serve as her half-regent brother’s because he had autism. The princess is the sole descendant of royalty. Although she has six siblings, all of them were conceived by common mothers. The king’s sister would currently make the best heir if the princess were deceased. In Thailand, it is against the law to criticise the royal family. In Thailand, there have also been a lot of rallies against the queen.

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