Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Baidu Releases Ernie Bot for AI Communication, Inspired by ChatGPT

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Technologies utilising artificial intelligence are gaining popularity. Chatbots are the next step in the journey that started with end-user digital assistants. As you are aware, OpenAI’s ChatGPT recently had an impact on the internet, and other businesses were inspired by its success to create new chatbots. The last of these companies, Baidu, has announced “Ernie Bot,” a ChatGPT-style initiative. Here are the specific. Follow For More Updates at satiknews.com

Baidu Announces a Project Modeled After ChatGPT Called Ernie Bot

Even though the Chinese computer giant Baidu is not well-known in the West, it is the most extensively used search engine in Asia. Last but not least, the corporation has declared that “Ernie Bot,” a brand-new ChatGPT-style project, has successfully completed its internal testing. Internal testing of the project is scheduled to begin in March. However, an early opening could result from the competitors Microsoft and Google’s rapid rate of development.

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Currently, social interaction is the main focus of chatbots in China. ChatGPT excels at more expert jobs, including programming and essay writing, though. When users conduct searches on Baidu, chatbot-generated results will be included. Baidu has been working in the area of artificial intelligence for a long time, and in September of last year, CEO Robin Li said that the field’s advancement was going through substantial changes. This appears to be what inspired the study and creation of Ernie Bot.

In the four-tier AI architecture, Baidu now possesses a full stack of ChatGPT-related technologies. This comprises search applications, huge models, deep learning frameworks, and chips. The model layer is where Ernie Bot is located. With the ability for deep semantic understanding and generation across modes and languages, Baidu already has a sizable pretrained model for natural language understanding and generation named Wenxin.

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Time will tell how Ernie Bot compares to ChatGPT in terms of performance. According to recent sources, Baidu will introduce the service in March. However, as we have stated, this date is subject to change.

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