Friday, March 24, 2023

At least 174 people are killed and 11 injured in a football stadium crush in the Indonesian soccer stampede video

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We regret to inform you that more than 174 people lost their lives in the Stampede at the Indonesia Soccer football Stadium. For more information, please read the article in full detail. Recently, the news has been making the rounds, and people are becoming curious to learn more about this specific thing that occurred at the Indonesia Soccer Stadium. Follow For More Updates at

Video of the Indonesian Soccer Stampede

More than 320 persons suffered serious injuries as a result of the chaotic situation that occurred if we count all the people who were hurt at the time. Additionally, a sizable police presence was present at the scene to assist with the investigation.

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However, the squad and the entire Indonesian Football Association have been suspended while an investigation into what happened is ongoing. According to the police, they also used tear gas to disperse the large crowd that was present. One of the largest, most horrific, and scariest incidents to have occurred at the stadium is claimed to have occurred. Everything happened on Saturday night. They started injuring and wrecking the nearby vehicles and officers.

What took place at the Stadium of the Indonesian Soccer Stampede?

Speaking about additional information and details, as of right now we are unable to notify you of the statement made by the police officer Ahmedabad authorities since they have been busy making sure they are fully aware of the rules that have been implemented when using gas in the stadium. Several people lost loved ones in this chaotic situation, and one of the people at the nearby Kanjuruhan hospital also sustained a fractured arm.

At least 174 people are killed and 11 injured in a football stadium crush in the Indonesian soccer stampede video
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We can clearly see that a whole cloud gas of tears was being sprinkled where people were rushing out and they were seen to be very unconscious and in a very frightening situation they were being carried out from the venue. Many of the videos and footage have been getting popular on social media platforms quickly. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

There are several news channels that have been showing this particular streaming related to the whole situation. In addition to those already afflicted by the storm, many others are having trouble breathing due to a lack of oxygen. A 5-year-old child was among those affected by this particular gas.

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